The Church community of the UOC in the village village Council urges the Chute to move in ETC

Nativity of the blessed virgin Mary in the village of Chute Zhytomyr region

At the village meeting the local authorities tried to pass the temple under the jurisdiction of the EPTS, in response to which the parishioners held parochial charges and reaffirmed their affiliation with the UOC.

27 December 2018 at 14:00 in the village of Chute Zhytomyr region during a gathering of villagers, the authorities tried to “solve the issue” transition of the local Church of the Nativity of the blessed virgin under the jurisdiction of the ETC, said the Dean ALE Novograd Volyn Zhytomyr deanery of the diocese Archpriest Stefan Markiewicz.

According to Archpriest Stefan, last week during a session of the village Council one of the deputies raised the question of the transition of the temple ETC.

In this regard, the village head Peter Bilim gathered a village meeting to which have invited representatives of the UOC and new Church structures.

Archpriest Stephen reminded the audience that the issues of changing Church Church jurisdiction should be decided by the clergy and not the local authorities.

However, who initiated the discussion of a secular person insisted that the temple belongs to the community of the village, and therefore the issue of its confessional affiliation must be decided by the villagers. Also raised the issue of renaming of the temple in connection with the recently adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine by act No. 5309 on renaming religious organizations whose management body “is located in the country-aggressor”.

Rural teacher Galina Ostapchuk asked the clergy to retire from the hall, to the issue of transition temple ETC could be solved with villagers without clergy.

Archpriest Stefan left the village Assembly, the parishioners supported the priest and went after him.

The believers began to disperse, and arranged in the native churches “in hot pursuit” parafialny fees, which unanimously confirmed the identity of the Church of the Nativity of the blessed virgin of the canonical Church.

Supporters of a new religious organization in connection with the recently signed law No. 5309 previously proposed to produce and present a gift to temples of the UOC-signs with new names.

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