In Greece, many remain unemployed because of the economic crisis. Almost the entire congregation of the Apostolic Church in Thessaloniki is unemployed. But this did not prevent the Church to cooperate with CBN to help those in need even more.

Three years ago Europe has been swept by waves of refugees and migrants, until finally their paths are not erected barriers. Thousands were stranded in Greece, my first stop in the European Union. Many of them, as 20-year-old Syrian refugee Yasin al-Sharif, still waiting for permission to settle in Western Europe.

“If I stay in Syria, they will lose their future. You know? I have a future! I want in my future was something good!” he says.

Yasin al-Sharif says he wants to get to Belgium, but admits that it’s difficult, because there could think that he is from DAYS.

“I hate DAYS. I hate DAYS! I don’t like them!” he says.

Yasin said he did not want to have anything to do with DAISH (is the Arabic name for ISIL). According to him, this group has brought to his country only death and destruction. Now the guy lives in a cramped trailer in a refugee camp in Alexandria. He says that he enjoys the frequent visits of caring Christians and talk with them.

85% of the parishioners of Apostolic churches in Thessaloniki are unemployed and are themselves facing difficulties due to the economic crisis in Greece. However, they try to help refugees, such as Yasin.

“We saw that this need came to us on the threshold, she came to our city, and we had to react. So we thought that should serve to those people with the love of Jesus, to try as best you can to help them,” says the pastor of the Apostolic Church in Thessaloniki, Paul Dimitriadis.

These efforts are expressed in providing the refugees with food, clothing, and other things. The Church receives humanitarian aid from around the world.

In CBN also heard about the work of this Church with the refugees and asked how she can help.

“The water is very polluted, so the water is undrinkable. The Manager of the camp said, “I Have no water for these people.” And we didn’t know what to do. But then here came from CBN, and we talked about water requirements”, says Paul Dimitriadis.

Is water for all who were in the same refugee camp in Alexandria. Everyone will get two liters a day during the week.

“When I heard that someone will give us water, I was very happy! Thank you very much. I am very, very grateful to you!” says Yasin al-Sharif.

Pastor Paul said that this water is blessed not only refugees, but also his Church, because the Church has gained the trust of the camp.

“This allowed us to continue the work and to talk about Jesus. Just great!” — happy Paul Dimitriadis.

CBN together with its partners provide to Syrian refugees in Greece, not only much-needed drinking water but “living water” for children.

Cartoon “Superbook” in Arabic was recently presented to the children of Syrian refugees in Thessaloniki. It is demonstrated in the Centre of social assistance for refugees, working with the support of the Union of Evangelical churches in Thessaloniki.

“I didn’t know that there is already a new version of “Superbook”, I really liked what I saw — says Magda, Peter from the Centre for social assistance. “Superbook” is a great tool that we can use here at the social care Centre in Thessaloniki. I’m sure everyone will like it”.

That’s what timely assistance to the needy refugees in Greece, interesting life lessons for children and care about their families.

“God sent us the right people when we met with the CBN. We just met you and never asked, and you gave us your love. It is proof that the hand of God taking care of the daily needs of the people,” says pastor Paul.

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