The Church is launching a programme of assistance to the needy in Tajikistan


The Synodal Department for charity has launched the program “Assistance to compatriots in Tajikistan”. It provides assistance to people in difficult circumstances – single mothers, poor families, lonely pensioners, disabled people, according to “Blagovest-info”.

The programme is planned to equip in Dushanbe diocese soup kitchen feeding the needy, to organize the purchase and distribution of food packages for the poor in remote villages, to create a center for humanitarian aid and to help in setting up boarding school for children from disadvantaged families.

In the first phase of the Synodal Department for charity have opened a fundraiser on their website for equipment and work the soup kitchen, as well as providing food packages to the poor in remote villages. Charitable donations collected for the program, the Synodal Department will be sent to Dushanbe diocese, which deal with the allocation of funds.

“We just recently learned how badly is our compatriots, Russian Orthodox people in Tajikistan. Recently went to an employee of our Department for Church charity – Polina Yufereva. She was talking with lonely elderly people whose pension does not exceed 2000 rubles, and a large part of their pension they give to utilities. She saw live as single mothers who can’t find work. Their children hardly see protein. Many people do not have enough money for a full meal,” wrote today the Chairman of the Synodal Department for charity Bishop of Orekhovo-Zuevo Panteleimon on his page on “Facebook”.


Since 2012, Dushanbe diocese of the Moscow Patriarchate is organizing free meals for the poor on weekends or public holidays. Charity dinner consists only of the “second” dishes – more money is not enough.

The Synodal Department raises funds for kitchen equipment, to the diocese were able to start feeding regularly in need of a complete meal consisting of 3 dishes. At kitchen remodelers will need 250 thousand rubles lump sum, for the purchase of products – 100 thousand rubles a month. Charity Lunches will be regularly cooking at the Cathedral of St. Nicholas in Dushanbe: each week will receive a free full hot meals for 200 people.

Also in the framework of the Dushanbe diocese collected donations to buy and distribute food packages to low-income residents of Tajikistan to remote villages. The cost of one such set is 497 rubles.

To help those in need in Tajikistan by sending an SMS donation with the word YOUR in room 3443. For Example, “My 300”.

Other methods of payment listed on the official website of the Synodal Department for charity. There, in the section “Help the poor”, will publish reports on the expenditure of funds under the program “Assistance to compatriots in Tajikistan”.

Earlier, in April 2018, the Synodal Department for charity has transferred 300 thousand rubles for the needy Dushanbe diocese: funds were used to purchase food packages to patients of the psychiatric hospital, the treatment, and targeted assistance to the poor – the wards of the social Department of the diocese.

A significant percentage of Russian-speaking people in Tajikistan, living in poverty, living under hard conditions. According to the July monitoring Research Institute for social policy, HSE, Russia, Tajikistan ranks the lowest real level of wages of all the countries of the former Soviet Union.

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