The Church in China does not cease to grow. This is because Christians continue to look for new ways to attract more people to the gospel. For example, one Hong Kong Church brings the gospel to prisoners.

From sunrise to sunset in this city by the river people talk about Hong Kong and this attracts the attention of the world. Since 1997, Hong Kong acts as the locomotive of China’s economy. This city with a population of seven million is home to many international companies and a thriving tourist centre. Susan Church leader, according to which Hong Kong and its people are special.

“I try to encourage other people. We are all special in some way,” says Susan Chan, Director General of the Association “kun sun”.

Susan not only directs the Church, but also actively participates in mission gives hope and purpose in life prisoners in Hong Kong. For more than 20 years, Hong Kong is part of China. Most of us know that this country is rapidly spreading Christianity. In Hong Kong a more open policy in the sphere of religious freedom than in mainland China. That is why prison Ministry is possible only here.

“We have developed a unique program under the name “Onesimus”. This program teaches people that God can change us both internally and externally. We all made mistakes in life. It is important to realize their mistakes and get back on the path, which for us God has prepared,” says Susan Chan.

For Susan to lead this Ministry is not easy. When many of the prisoners were teenagers, they didn’t realize that bad decisions often lead to serious consequences.

The leader of the sports Ministry Rawson Lo in 1998 was arrested on charges related to narcotics, and imprisoned for 25 years.

“25 years in prison is tough, he says. I thought my life was over. My wrong decisions brought me pain and suffering. I thought I have nothing to live for. At that time, my life is nothing to me means.”

In that dark period Lo met the pastor of the Church, Susan, who introduced him to Christ. Luo was deeply moved.

“God touched me. Then again, I never was a believer and tried to commit suicide but heard a voice: “now you’re gonna do something stupid and cause my family suffering?” This voice brought me back to life. It was the voice of the Heavenly Father,” says Rawson Lo.

Luo began to study the Bible and understand that God still has the best plan for his life. His circumstances do not determine his future; God always has the last word. In the two thousand eleventh year Lo was released, and then immediately began to attend meetings of the Association “kun sun”. He became a member of the Church family and adopted a new mission from the Lord.

“God made my dream come true: I began to spread the gospel using sports. He encouraged me to be a Minister,” continued Rawson Lo.

Faith and love Lo the Lord touched and members of his family. He prayed that his parents came to Church and also became Christians. One Church leader was deeply moved by the change in Lo.

“We want people doing what they are good at, and even better — to serve God. Those are our goals,” explains John pan, the leader of the Church in Hong Kong.

Today Susan and the whole Church continue to find new and creative ways of spreading the gospel to change the lives of prisoners. They believe that one day these people will be able to become the children of God.

“God doesn’t want to ruin any relationships, even with people who seem unlovable. I’ve also noticed that no matter how bad or vicious or was someone’s life, when God chooses, he will return to that person the greatness that is inherent to this”, says Susan Chan.

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