The Church of Cyprus will take a decision on Ukraine at the next meeting of the Synod

Cypriot bishops will continue discussion of Ukrainian Church issue at the next meeting of Synod.

In the Orthodox Church of Cyprus did not rush with the recognition of PCU and postponed consideration of this issue on February 18, 2019.

Cypriot bishops defer the recognition of new Ukrainian Churches, the creation of which has caused a serious crisis between Moscow and Fanara, waiting for the first to know the position of other Orthodox Churches, especially Greek Orthodox, Jerusalem and Alexandrian Churches. This was reported by Greek media on Thursday, February 7.

The meeting of the Synod of the Church of Cyprus, which was held on 7 February, ended without a formal decision for the Ukrainian Church issue.

The discussion will continue on 18 February 2019, following an extraordinary meeting of the Holy Synod.

Greek newspaper noted that the Church of Cyprus can offer itself as a mediator between the Moscow and Constantinople Patriarchates, to gain time, “which does not allow to break off relations with Fanara and Moscow”.

As reported by PWC, informed the Primate of the Church of Cyprus his Beatitude Archbishop of New Justiniana and all Cyprus Archbishop Chrysostomos II has denied the statement of the MFA on the support of the DNC.

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