The Church of Romania and Canada spoke out against the LGBT propaganda in their countries

It is known that LGBT propaganda is gaining momentum. Minorities insist on taking their positions in society, some countries have already legalized same-sex marriage and even allowed to adopt children. Moreover, in schools children are encouraged to decide for themselves their gender and sexual orientation, introducing it as a subject in education. In Romania and Canada Church spoke out against LGBT propaganda.

The Romanian Church came out to protest against LGBT propaganda. Pastor Tudor Petan from “Alfa omega TV” told “CBN-News” on the constitutional referendum in defense of biblical marriage.

“We want to make small changes to the Constitution of Romania. Until that time, she has defined marriage as the Union at free will between the spouses. We want to make a clarification that marriage is a Union between a man and a woman. And it must be recorded, explained Tudor Petan. Is a small changes are of great importance. Looking to the future, we see incredible pressure on our children in schools where LGBT propaganda want to include in the education in the form of gender ideology. We want to preserve our country and to eliminate the influence of the LGBT community. Our country wants to be on the side of God.”

Romanian voters will vote on this issue in the coming days.

And in Canada, a historical event more than three hundred Christian pastors spoke out against “SOGI”.
SOGI is a curriculum on sexual orientation and gender determination, which is used in secondary schools. Christian leaders say it hurts children and teaches non-biblical views on sexuality. Pastors spoke out against him, signing a contract Christian West coast.

“We will not be silent while children are brainwashed to reject heterosexuality and adopted a variation of sex, homosexuality, bisexuality and other forms of sexual behavior,” — said the activist against “SOGI” Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson.

“We are protesting the fact that students have been taught the way of life which the Bible calls a sin,” said the pastor Renee McIntyre of Christian service “Trumpet of truth”.

Pastors say that “SOGI” results in confusion of children, forcing them to choose gender, while he is already with them. The pastors ask the Minister of education of British Columbia to stop using in schools related resources “SOGI”.

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