The Church was among the first to provide assistance to the victims of hurricane Michael

The hurricane Michael has inflicted serious damage on the coastal area of Florida. This storm category 4 brought a wind, rushing with a speed of 250 kilometers per hour and a powerful storm which destroyed everything in its path.

After a terrible hurricane Michael was quiet, drones took to the skies over Panama city, to show the extent of the damage. That’s what is left of Mexico beach. Once it was a prestigious and popular place, and now is a ruin. But this destruction did not bring man and nature. For the last time, it was one of the strongest hurricanes. “Michael” came on the coast 20 miles South-East from Panama city. The wind speed reached 250 km per hour and waves up to four meters. By Friday morning the entire areas and beaches have disappeared from the map.

“The lives of many changed forever. Many families lost everything. Their homes destroyed, their businesses destroyed,” said Rick Scott, Governor of Florida.

The helicopter team of the Ministry of defence around the clock performed a risky rescue mission, saving those who needed emergency evacuation. And in the afternoon rescue teams went from house to house, looking for people who could be locked up.

“Mexico beach took the brunt. It was a starting point,” said Brock long, Federal Agency on management in emergency situations.

The hurricane tore roofs off hotels and houses, torn plastic panels and scattered trees like toothpicks.

“We were hiding in the closet. I could only hear the sound of the wind. It seemed to me that he’s gonna blow the roof of our house,” says Colin Svab, a resident of Panama city.

Another woman and her husband nearly got swept away by the wind and waves.

“We allowed the flow to carry us to the next stop, and then grabbed the tree,” said the victim.

“Michael” quickly swept through Georgia, Carolinas and Virginia and went to sea. In the Carolinas, who suffered from the recent hurricane “Florence,” began the floods. Fallen trees and sharp gusts of wind deprived of light 900 million homes and businesses. This woman is from Virginia, attempted to drive through rising water.

“I quickly sank. After the turn, I immediately began to sink. And I realized that ended up in the ditch. I shifted into reverse, but it wouldn’t budge. I am grateful to God that my children and grandchildren wasn’t in the car,” — says the injured enthusiast Robin Michael.

“Michael” brought the problems of the South-East and devastated the coast of Florida.

Of course, the Church was among the first to react to the events in the affected areas. Pastor Cole Bailey of the Church “lighthouse” in Panama city beach says the team from his Church began to emerge after the wind died down to check those who are left during the storm. They also examined the houses of people who were evacuated. As you can see, hurricane Michael in fact destroyed the Church “lighthouse”. He tore the roof off the main building, filled up the walls and flooded it. But Bailey says that the Church is now more concerned with its parishioners.

“Of course, the building is very important and we would like to have a place where they could gather and worship God. But my team and I are doing that check the other houses. We provedeniem people. The building can be restored. We want to make sure that the people will be taken care of,” says pastor Cole Bailey.

Bailey told us that many churches from other areas came to him for help, in particular, to provide food for people in the district Bay.

“The truth is, I’m still in shock. Many people never experiencing this. Given such destruction, it is difficult for them. We are accustomed to air conditioning, electricity, everything works at the touch of a button. Most never went through this. Now few people are coming back, because there’s nothing to come back until you reconnect the supply of electricity. Even now we have to go almost a mile to walk to my house and check its condition. Anywhere there is no electricity, and it’s horrible,” continues pastor Bailey.

The hurricane Michael also destroyed other churches. Now you will see the damage that he caused center “Destini Worship” in Panama city. Now the center is in need of restoration. Cleaning and rebuilding after hurricane “Michael” takes a lot of years. Meanwhile the victims and their assistants will need clean water, hot food and other necessary things. “Operation blessing” associated with pastors to organize assistance centers. Tom Wylie, from “Operation blessing” met a pastor from Panama city beach, who says he can’t wait for the help.

“This devastation. It feels like were in a war zone,” shares pastor Ben Pitman, youth Ministry “First Assembly of God.”

Pastor Ben Pitman from the Church “First Assembly of God” in Panama city, Florida, was faced with a terrible reality, after along with the neighbors experienced the horror of hurricane Michael.

“I believe that most people in Panama city was not ready for how strong was this storm. I don’t even know the damage done to the city. I don’t know if people died, some families have suffered. But I’m sure many lost their jobs,” continues Ben Pitman.

Panama city along with other coastal areas have suffered the most. The recovery will take many years. It will be a long process that requires the support of other structures, like “Operation blessing”. Pastor Ben believes it’s time for the Church to unite.

“Conflicts and problems which make us such as we are. They show our essence. And as a pastor I look at my people, because this is the Church. And soon I’ll know what kind of people are in our Church. Right now words will have to come together. What kind of people go to our Church? And what I saw is phenomenal. It’s weird. I find it hard to believe that we will see how God will work through something like that. When I learned that “Operation blessing” came to serve us, we originally thought that we don’t deserve to leave is a blessing in itself. It going to be all over the city. And when I hear that an organization such as “Operation blessing”, comes to us, I have to share. Her blessings must go on “First Assembly” Panama city,” says pastor Ben Pitman.

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