The clergy of the diocese of Chernivtsi reported pressure from the authorities

The clergy of the diocese of Chernivtsi deanery Hertsa

The clergy of the diocese of Chernivtsi appealed to the local authorities with an open letter urging to stop the persecution of clergy of the UOC.

In Hertsa the clergy of the deanery (diocese of Chernivtsi), the authorities exert pressure to persuade them to campaign for the DNC. This is stated in the statement addressed to the head Gertsaevsky RGA from the Abbot of the Holy ascension Bancheny monastery of Archbishop Longin and Hertsa district Dean Archpriest Pavel Dumitru. The text of the letter was available to the SPM.

“We as citizens of our country of Ukraine, I want to inform you that on the part of public authorities criminal prosecution and repression of the clergy and the pressure on the clergy and faithful of the UOC of the deanery Hertsa”, – the document says.

The letter says that priests are forced to walk around the village and convince people to go to ptsu.

“The pressure on the chairmen of village councils … threatened the priests with violence if you do not appear for questioning, will lead them forcibly. We want to ask our government why it violated the law of Ukraine? As we all know, the separation of Church and state, such a rule is enshrined in the 35th article of the Constitution <…>”, – noted in Chernivtsi diocese.

The clergy requests the government of Ukraine to ensure security and protect human rights.

“We confess the faith that we have left Christ – said in a statement. – Remain faithful to the Lord God, our canonical UOC in the person of his Beatitude Metropolitan Onufry of Kiev and all Ukraine and will continue to serve, primarily, to God, to the true Orthodox faith and the Ukrainian people, and in the prayer, we all canonical Orthodox world,” concluded the authors of the letter.

The letter is signed by Archbishop Banchensky Longinus (Heat), as well as representatives of the clergy of the deanery of Hertsa, Chernivtsi eparchy.

Earlier, the Archbishop of boyar Theodosius said that the pressure on the canonical Church due to the fact that the UOC – last Institute in Ukraine, who does not lie.

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