The clergy of the Rovno and Sarny dioceses massively summoned to SBU

One of the first in the Rivne region in the development of employees USBU got priests Dubno deanery

About twenty priests of the diocese of Rivne and Sarny deans of the diocese received a summons for interrogation from security Service of Ukraine in Rivne region.

First to the attention of employees of security service in Rivne region got the priests Dubno deanery, the correspondent of the SPM.

All subpoenas received by the priests, issued at the same time: December 5, 2018 10:00.

In particular, Archpriest Ivan Savchuk for receiving the agenda was invited to the district office.

“I was driving to work, because I have to additionally earn money to support his family when I called and asked to come to the office of the SBU in Dubno district, says Archpriest John Savchuk, rector of the Church in the village of Pidluzhzhia Dubno district, – I phoned the lawyer and together we drove to the office, the notice given, but no charges announced. At this point, I still don’t understand what is happening.”

After lunch on 1 December agenda was handed another top ten of the clergy of the diocese of Rivne. Archpriest Basil Nacheva, head of the social Department of the diocese of Rivne, residing 35 kilometers from the regional center, “invitation for questioning” brought to the house.

“I was going to evening service when I got a call from an unknown number. It was an employee of SBU. He asked if I said that you need to deliver the agenda, – says father Basil. – In a conversation with him, I was trying to figure out why I was summoned, but to no avail. If I’m surprised? No, in light of recent Church events such actions expected. Actually, started what they warned us the Holy fathers”.

Besides, from informal sources in the Rivne diocese, it became known that the SBU is preparing a series of provocations in the churches of the UOC, are monuments of architecture. In the development of the Service came temples in Ryasnyky, Mnyshyn, Rozvazh, Gorodok, Derman and Mezhirich monasteries, in General, more than 20 religious buildings.

Deans Sarny diocese also received a summons with a call in SBU, Rivne region. One of the many agendas of the SBU sent to the clergy, did not offer explanations for what they called the SBU. This writes the Information and education Department of the UOC.

As reported, the agenda about a call on interrogation to the Deputy chief of the investigation Department of the security service of Ukraine in Rivne region B. M. ACE was awarded to the clergy of his diocese on 30 November 2018.

According to Kostopil, rural Dean of the deanery Archimandrite Hilarion (Kleban), he was given a summons for questioning on December 5, 2018 in the Rivne Department of the SBU as a witness on criminal proceedings No. 22017180000000025.

As reported by the SPM, 23 informed the people’s Deputy of Ukraine submitted the application to the interior Ministry to commit a crime state officials against citizens and clergymen of the UOC. According to deputies, there is a deliberate violation of the rights and freedoms of citizens and the clergy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church . Among these facts: surveillance, security service for bishops of the UOC, unlawful imprisonment in the checkpoint at the entrance to Ukraine, the creation of lists for the border service with the aim of exerting pressure, force entry into the premises of the diocesan administrations of the threat.

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