“The crew members behaved as passengers” which is now live and the survivors have lost relatives in the “Bulgaria”

July 10, 2011 on the Volga river sank the ship “Bulgaria”. Someone killed a mother with a twin sister and twin nephews, and the radio operator, who came to the ship to acquainted with the captain last to leave a sinking ship – as it was 7 years ago.

Photo: Maxim Tumanov / TASS

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Double-decked ship was sinking rapidly, according to the calculations of investigators, in just three minutes. The crash occurred during a thunderstorm in the Kuibyshev reservoir in Tatarstan in 3 km from the shore. On Board, seats 120 people, there were 201 passengers and crew escaped only 79. Killed 122 people, including 28 children.

According to investigators, the cause of the sinking “bulgarii” it was several factors. Including the disrepair of the vessel to sail, low level of crew training, failure to follow safety rules and failure to perform their duties by the shipowner, the crew and experts of regulatory authorities.

The rescue operation lasted 16 days. The last body was brought to the surface on July 25.

The crew did not apologize, but we have received support from ordinary people
Pavel Kochnev, on the ship “Bulgaria” killed his mom, aunt and two nephews

If they were all alive and healthy, we would be living not that for better or worse – just different. Our families had to readjust to the incident.

My mother and her sister-twin, my aunt, 11 July 2011, would have turned 55 years old. The anniversary was supposed to come visit. To this date we bought them a gift voucher for a river cruise. Invited nephews from Samara, twins Nikita and Daniel. They all died. These are the sons of my cousin, by then my daughter was born, she is now five years will be.

From left to right Lyudmila Sabirova, Nikita, Daniel Sabirova, Tatiana Kochneva. Photo from the personal archive of Paul Kochneva

On 10 July we usually meet only your family. Come to the cemetery, in a cafe next to him order a dinner. Gather a small circle of 15 people from Kazan, from the suburbs of Samara.

We have a big happy family, and we are in it trying to support each other. So with other victims only in the first year and then didn’t feel the need. But I understand that those people who have a small family, probably the support of other victims are needed.

None of the crew who had been prosecuted, not brought us an apology. They were not uttered in the courtroom, nor separately. This was not. The results of the court, victims must pay material damages up to a million. None of us has received a penny.

I believe the direct culprits of the collapse Inacio and XO Hametova (Director of the company – the subtenant of the motor ship and the main accused in the case of the wreck Svetlana Inyakina, and the first mate Ramil Khametov – approx. ed.). I know that they were granted Amnesty, and believe that it is wrong. The inspectors probably also indirectly responsible, but these are two of the main perpetrators.

Pavel Kochnev in court. Photo: Alexander Gavrilenko / business-gazeta.ru

Convicts and crew after the tragedy, we did not communicate, except in the courtroom. There was an attempt to talk to the XO, he was under house arrest and has arrived in court earlier. But when people tried to talk to him, and quietly, from his side there was no comment. He didn’t want to talk.

But from simple people, even strangers, we got a lot of support. In the morgue, where the identification took place, there were many relatives of the victims. From the houses nearby have come and offered to go home to rest, sleep for an hour, offered to eat. People tried to help, wrote in the social network, was very worried.

In Tatarstan this tragedy remember everything. Only the conclusions are not all done, I think. Wary of water traffic for the first two years, and now negligence is back.

I shelled out seven, and the last raft left the ship, but still feel guilty
Rinat Abidinov, managed to work the radio operator on “bulgarii” 50 days

With time everything is forgotten and calms down, and the first few years was very hard on my eyes, so many people died! So simple it does not pass, a few years as if it never lived.

Now it is easier. I’m retired, play equipment, courts no longer work. I told boatman was never after Maritime school in the Soviet years worked in the seas, was a radio operator. 20 years passed, Ostrovsky (captain of “Bulgaria” Alexander Ostrovsky – approx. ed.) was a friend of my brother, he was offered the position of radio operator on “bulgarii”. I decided to remember the past. Remembered in full…

In the river fleet after “bulgarii” there is no desire to work there. But the fear of water appeared. Last year friend and I took a ticket Kazan – Samara – Kazan, especially to 10 July to pass the place where the “Bulgaria” sank. We passed this place, and I saw on the shore, where a monument, people gathered. I am not going to meetings devoted to the tragedy. I think it is nice to feel the judgmental looks – like a criminal?

Rinat Abidinov. Photo: RIA Novosti

I’m an experienced sailor, have been on drowning ships. But that day, on “bulgarii” I was in shock, because very quickly it all happened. I was in the cabin when it started raining, shut the window. When he heard the wild cry of the captain, “hard to port!”, snuck into the radio room, to repeat his words, but there was no electricity.

Everything was very fast, at first I didn’t realized that the ship could sink, because in the seas and such banks have been, and still the steamer as “roly-poly” back into place.

But I’m happy at least those that understand what is required of me. I was taught not to leave the ship until all life rafts are not on the water. And I shelled out seven rafts, the rest went under the water.

By and large, the teams on “bulgarii” was not. Look it up yourself, having the experience of work, experience, education was only seven people, four of them drowned. And the rest of the crew behaved as passengers. In addition, the ship was rapidly sinking, and rescue work was impossible to organize even the Commission then confirmed it.

Naval law – no matter what happens on the ship, the captain is always to blame, but we can’t blame him. Single factor will never lead to such a collapse, joining a number of circumstances. The ship was on the move, although there were not working diesel left. The chief engineer did not close the portholes in the engine room. And it’s a big bubble inside the vessel. If they were closed, the ship for a long time it would be on the water and people have time to recover. The captain led the ship aground, it was only 40 meters. But the chief engineer voluntarily stopped the engine.

I was the last living person in the “Bulgaria,” and it confirmed the result. After I left the ship, after 20 seconds it sank. And I as a crew member feel guilty. For the ship who is responsible? The crew is to blame, anyway and no excuses. And we can’t make excuses to people for what happened, this is for life. What’s the point of me saying it. It was necessary to perform the duties, and not to apologize when it’s too late.

Photo: RIA Novosti

Every morning I woke up and remembered their teachers
Olga Bravina, in the “Bulgaria” sank her teacher

I was very terrified when I found out about “Bulgaria”. The first time woke up and remembered teachers. Everyone was in shock from the incident.

Lyudmila Butorina O. was leading my group in University half a year 2 subject. She was a talented teacher, worked as head of the Department of culture and Russian history in the Ulyanovsk state agricultural Academy. She died together with her husband Alexey I. Stetsenko, he was a lecturer in our University. It was a real intelligent couple, people wise, interesting!

Lyudmila Olegovna interesting lectured on social philosophy. In my classroom, she created a debate that we could argue with her, proving his point. Thanks to her classes, we studied social philosophy in the problem method, that is, any topic is analyzed through different points of view.

Lyudmila Butorina and Alex Stetsenko. Photo: ulsu.ru

Seven people were convicted

Five people on the fact of wreck of “Bulgaria” was in the dock. 7 Jul 2014 read out the sentences.

Director of the company-the subtenant of the motor ship OOO “Argorechtur” and the main accused in the case of the wreck Svetlana Inyakina sentenced to 11 years in a General regime colony. The court found her guilty under articles 238 (“rendering services not meeting safety requirements”) and 143 (“infringement of rules of a labour safety”) criminal code of the Russian Federation. Initially, the prosecution asked to appoint her to 14,5 years of imprisonment.

In 2015 Inyakina was amnestied in honor of the 70th anniversary of the Victory, and the period of imprisonment was reduced to 9.5 years. Lawyer Konstantin Gobulev, representing its interests in court, said “Pravmiru” that have not cooperated with Injini, and declined to comment. Earlier in the interview she mentioned that she has a young son and an adult daughter.

Inyakina not pleaded guilty, though, and apologized to victims in court. She said about the injustice of the trial and talked about plans to write a documentary book about the true story of the wreck of the ship.

The first mate of captain of “Bulgaria” Ramil Hametova court sentenced to 6.5 years of imprisonment in a General regime colony. He was found guilty under article 263 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“infringement of safety rules of movement and operation of water transport”). While there was a consequence, Khakimov was the only one of five defendants who were not detained, and under house arrest. In 2015 he and Svetlana Inyakina, was amnestied. In the colony the captain of “Bulgaria” will hold in two years less than the appointed time.

Former employees of the Kazan linear Department of the Volga management of gosmorrechnadzora Irek Timergazeev and Vladislav Semenov received six and five years in a General regime colony, respectively. They were convicted under article 285 (abuse of official powers). Senior expert of the Perm area Kama branch of Rosreestra Yakov Ivashov was sentenced to five years.

Svetlana Inyakina, Yakov Ivashov, Vladislav Semyonov and Irek Timergazeev (left to right) during a court session. Photo: ITAR-TASS

The day of the collapse by rafts of people who managed to escape, passed three vessels. The dry-cargo ship “Arbat” and a tow “Danube-66” has not stopped, in terms of their captains initiated a criminal case under article 270 of the criminal code (failure to render the ship’s captain to a distress). The captain “Arbata” Yury Tuchin pleaded guilty and was sentenced to a fine of 130 thousand rubles.

The captain of a tow “Danube-66” Alexander Egorov insisted that any maneuver could damage the drowning, than to contribute to their salvation. Some of the victims in the court gave evidence in his favour. And yet the court found Egorova guilty and imposed a fine in the amount of 190 thousand rubles.

After surviving the crash of “Bulgaria” men saved the crew of the ship “Arabella”, headed by captain Novel by Ritalinum. After the incident, he was awarded the departmental medal of the Ministry of emergency situations “For fellowship in the name of saving” and the order of Courage. Now the captain heads the company “Volgamashmarket”. He also engaged in politics and social activities. Lisalin is in the Central headquarters of the popular front. In 2016, was a participant in the primaries “United Russia” on elections in the state Duma from the Republic of Tatarstan.

History may repeat itself

On June 29, 2018 in Tatarstan sentenced the captain of the ship “Moscow-130”. In may 2017 the ship, making flight Tashunka – Kazan, took on Board more than 400 passengers. Thus, according to the Volga transport Prosecutor’s office, it can accommodate up to 300 people. The vessel had 345 of lifejackets, including 30 children, eight life buoys and one life raft for 25 people.

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