On the middle Eastern front in the war with Islamic terrorism, Israel gives a warning to the world community. Officials of the Ministry of defence say that Syria still has up to three tons of chemical weapons. Laboratory tests show victims of a chemical attack of the 4th of April was under the influence of the nerve gas sarin or a similar toxin.

The US and Israel believe that the weapons of Bashar al-Assad killed in Syria as 90 people. The main representative of the military-the armed forces of Israel claims that the Syrian military command initiated the attack, and Assad knew about it. The evidence also indicates that ISIS and other militants have gained such a chemical weapon.

Iran celebrated the army Day military parade in Tehran. Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said that the military forces of Iran are only defensive, and perform exclusively the function of protection. One of the highlights of the parade were the air defense systems of Russian production called the S-300. In recent years Iran has imported and implemented a system that many analysts consider one of the best in the world.

For many years Israel has tried to prevent the implementation of the system, as it greatly complicates the fight against Iran’s nuclear program in the future. U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson addressed the issue of Iran and criticized the previous nuclear agreement Obama with this country. He warned how dangerous it can be Iran having nuclear weapons.

“Uncontrolled Iran has the same opportunity to go the way of North Korea and thus manipulate the world,” he says.

Tillerson said that the agreement does not prohibit Iran to continue nuclear weapons program, but only provides a delay.

The Minister of defence of the USA James Mattis met in Jerusalem with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. They discussed the need to strengthen security in the region.

“A common danger is based on the threat of militarized Islam, extremist Shiites, supported by Iran, and of Sunni extremists, supported ISIS. And we must realize this danger and use common capabilities and opportunities, which I think we have, Mr. Secretary,” addressed to Mattis Benjamin Netanyahu.

“I think it’s important to remind yourself that if good people don’t unite, then bad people can bring great harm to the world. We aim to prevent this and will do everything possible to deliver peace and freedom to the next generation,” says James Mattis.

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