The delegation of Russian parliamentarians visited the monasteries of mount Athos


The delegation of Russian parliamentarians headed by Chairman of the State Duma Committee on civil society development issues, public and religious associations, S. A. Gavrilov these days arrived at mount Athos in connection with the celebrations on the occasion of day of memory of great Martyr and healer Panteleimon.

On arrival at the Holy Mountain, the delegation visited the Russian on mount Athos, the monastery panteleimonos. These days large number of pilgrims visit this monastery. In the main Cathedral of the Athonite monastery of St. Panteleimon, dedicated in honor of St. Panteleimon, kept a fair head of this great Saint, a component of a priceless jewel and treasure of both Church and Russian monastery and the Holy Mountain of Athos. Numerous pilgrims from different countries repeatedly received in the abode of healing and miracles from the venerable head of the SV. Of St. Panteleimon The Healer. The Metropolitan of Yekaterinburg and Verkhoturye Kirill for the blessing of his Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill, the Holy Synod, headed by a group of pilgrims of the Russian Orthodox Church on Mount Athos. In the participants in the pilgrimage of the Russian Orthodox Church also includes the Bishop of Bobruisk and Bykhov Seraphim, Bishop Victor Baryshevsky and a member of the Department for external Church relations, and D. I. Petrovsky.

Welcoming Archimandrite Evlogi, Abbot of the monastery of St. Panteleimon, S. A. Gavrilov said: “This monastery is inextricably linked with Russia, with Russian Orthodoxy. The age-old tradition supported by the selfless work of each monk. So on this day, purely ask the brethren of the monastery of St. Panteleimon not leave prayers for your earthly Homeland and for peace in all the earth.”

Note also, among the Russian pilgrims during the celebrations of Panteleimonov monastery of mount Athos visited Valery Ivanovich Pirogov, head of the Institute of Russian Athos. Currently, the staff of this academic institutions have spent enormous work on the analysis and systematization of the archive of Holy monastery of Panteleimonos. This monastery, one of the few that has a real treasure with a full archive that reflects almost a thousand-year history of the monastery, its connections with the outside world. While it was succeeded to carry out the systematization of the archive to 1735. One of the latest discoveries of employees of Institute of Russian Athos is the fate of the monk Ambrose (Bolotov). He was the Perm Governor, and at the end of life came to Athos and became a monk. Already released in Russia the memoirs of A. V. Bolotov. In the Institute of Russian Athos is preparing to issue proceedings, notes, impressions of monk Ambrose (Bolotov) on the Holy mountain and its monasteries. This will be the second volume.

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