The diocese of Izhevsk the glorification among the saints by Archpriest Nikolai Chernyshev and his daughter Barbara


August 19, 2018, the day of the feast of the Transfiguration, in Votkinsk (Udmurt Republic) in the square in front of the Annunciation Cathedral of the city was made the divine Liturgy.

During the Liturgy was performed the rite of glorification among the saints by Archpriest Nikolai Chernyshev and his daughter Barbara, according to patriarhiei. The place of worship was not chosen by chance — in the Annunciation Cathedral, Archpriest Nikolai had served for many years.

The service, which has passed at the big confluence of believers headed by Metropolitan of Izhevsk and Udmurtia Victorin, Bishop of Glazov and Igrinskaya Victor, Bishop of Sarapul and Mozhginskiy Antony and Bishop Teoctist gorodischenskaya, vicar of the diocese of Volgograd. The ruling bishops were assisted by clerics of the Udmurt Archdiocese.

Praying at the service were Chairman of the government of the Udmurt Republic Y. V. Semenov Chairman of the State Council of the Udmurt Republic A. M. Prasolov.

During the Liturgy, the last time was lifted up prayers for the repose of Archpriest Nikolai Chernyshev and his daughter Barbara, then to worship was made the icon of the Holy martyrs, read their biography, and the decision of the Holy Synod, according to which the Votkinsk martyrs was included in the Cathedral of new martyrs and Confessors of the Russian Church. Then the clergy was devoted to the exaltation of the Holy novopaschenny; upon completion of the Liturgy were the first moleben to Holy Martyr Nicholas and the Martyr Barbara.

At the end of the Liturgy, Archbishop Victorin, congratulated those present on the historic occasion and also with the feast of the Transfiguration. The Bishop also recalled that the glorification of the saints in the territory of the Udmurt Republic was committed for the first time in history, and explained why it was decided to hold the solemn rite of canonization of the martyrs on this day: exactly one hundred years ago at this time in Izhevsk and Votkinsk, there was an uprising of workers against the power of Bolsheviks. These events played an important role in the fate of Archpriest Nikolai and his daughter. They were arrested immediately after the uprising by the red army.

In his sermon Metropolitan Quizzes also turned to the subject of the Transfiguration: “this day we remember the light of divine grace, which the apostles saw on the mount. This light illuminated the apostles and strengthened them. And not only the apostles, but the preachers of God.” “It is impossible not to stumble in the darkness — in the darkness needs light, as light is needed sailors who guidelines are the beacons — said the Bishop. For us Orthodox, such as beacons, pointing the true way of salvation, are the saints, including the celebrated today the Holy Martyr Nicholas and his daughter the Martyr Barbara”.


After the service, the faithful were given small icons of the new martyrs of Votkinsk.

* * *

Archpriest Nikolai Chernyshev was born in 1853 in the village of Votkinsk plant (now the city of Votkinsk) in the family priest. Having received a religious education, and received the San, carrying the priestly service in the Annunciation Cathedral of Votkinsk and the Votkinsk was decent and Galewski counties. For meritorious service to the Church was elevated to the rank of Archpriest and was repeatedly awarded the diocesan authorities. Was engaged in active educational and social activities: lectures in a Public meeting, struggled with alcoholism in the nation. For their hard work for teaching in public schools for 25 years, he was awarded the order of St. Anne III degree. During the Russo-Japanese war, father Nicholas took an active part in the work of the local Committee of the red cross Society, for which he was awarded a silver medal.

The priest he was widowed and lived with his youngest daughter Barbara, who decided to devote himself to the service of God and people. After graduating from the higher courses for women in Kazan, Barbara Chernyshev worked in Votkinsk teacher.

During Izhevsk-Votkinsk anti-Bolshevik uprising in 1918, Archpriest Nikolai he zealously fulfilled his pastoral duties, continuing to nurture and instruct his flock. His daughter worked as a nurse, caring for the wounded. After the uprising by the Bolsheviks Archpriest Nicholas left town, as many who participated in the uprising, and was arrested. His daughter voluntarily went to torture with his father.

Father and daughter were shot dead on 2 January 1919 (for new calendar). After the city was briefly liberated by the army of Kolchak, the inhabitants of Votkinsk found the bodies of the martyrs and buried behind the altar of the Transfiguration Church on the upland cemetery of Votkinsk. The burial place was kept secret and was revealed to the believers only in the 90-ies of XX century.

The decision of the Holy Synod (journal No. 6), which held a meeting March 7, 2018 in the Danilov monastery in Moscow under the chairmanship of his Holiness Patriarch Kirill, Archpriest Nikolai Chernyshev and his daughter Barbara are included in the Cathedral of new martyrs and Confessors of the Russian Church.

Photo: the Izhevsk and Udmurt diocese

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