The doctor replaced the medication on the generic, and Mike was the Guinea pig

Misha Volkov is one of the rare cardiovascular diseases – idiopathic pulmonary hypertension. 4 years Mike has been successfully treated by the German drug “Tracker”, recently doctor ceased to appoint Mike this medication he was prescribed generic. For 2 months the young man condition deteriorated. The family tries to return through court the opportunity to obtain vital Misha the drug, buy it with my money Misha’s parents can’t.

Misha Volkov. Photo: Olga Cheburina

  • As “soup made from toadstools to of Baba-Yaga” helps terminally ill Kate to fight
  • “You’re crazy. You are forced to have an abortion!” – said the doctor
  • “We watched with horror, but believe that it should be done” – after the remission of the most severe bouts of back
  • “Don’t you worry, it is not the same as before” – mother came out of intensive care and began to cry
  • In some gene broke down and now She is sick always

“I’m afraid there is nothing to help” the doctor said, and Mike began to cry

How is it that Mike was the Guinea pig? He doesn’t know. Mike remembers well the day he first heard the diagnosis, he was 12. At the age of 5 he was diagnosed with the extension of the pulmonary artery. Every six months he did an ultrasound of the heart and checked if there are any serious changes. And every time mom with fear led him to another examination. Mike lay under the unit, the doctor tracked the figures, wrote in the conclusion that there are no changes, Mike’s mom breathed out, went home, life went on…

But when Mike was 12 years old, change still occurred. In the office of a cardiac surgeon Mike saw the doctor’s face, considering the results of the ultrasound, suddenly became very serious and worried. “This is a idiopathic pulmonary hypertension, gloomily, the doctor said Mike’s mom. – I’m afraid nothing will help. No pills. Maybe a lung transplant… And not the fact – it is only effective in 50% of cases”.

And Misha began to cry. That day he remembered forever. Primarily because of feelings of despair and hopelessness that he had felt when an adult, and even specialist, has put his life on the cross: nothing will help, all.

Idiopathic pulmonary hypertension is really a rare disease. Her sick 1-2 people per million. It is a vascular pathology in which the blood pressure in the vascular system of the human lung is increased to abnormally high levels.

The mechanism of the disease is such that in proportion to the increase in pressure in the blood vessels of the lungs increases the load on the right ventricle of the heart, which therefore has gradually expanded and worn.

Turned into a Guinea pig

But the imminent death of Misha saved the drug “Tracker” German patented tool to combat pulmonary hypertension. 4 years he got this medicine and lived almost a full life. Of course, trying not to be sick and avoided excessive exercise, but lived.

In the summer of 2018, the drug is to buy longer. Misha turned into a Guinea pig. Adults again put his life on the cross.

According to the law 44-FZ on procurement, Mike is not supposed quality since many years testing the drug until it tries its domestic analogue. Domestic drug is purchased from savings, and in fact is being tested on a… Mike: the cure – well, not help – the ineffectiveness of the generic must prove to the court. The fact that during the tests Mishina second-degree idiopathic hypertension can easily escalate into a third, and then, really, only lung transplantation, adults the Department of health does not care.

Misha Volkov. Photo: Olga Cheburina

July Misha takes generic, but on the third day of taking the drug he became ill. Began dizziness, shortness of breath appeared. Then Mike began to fall into a fainting – heart can not stand.

Mike will probably win, but until October it is necessary to survive

Misha is a very nice family: my mom Elena, accountant, unemployed, Pope Eugene – a teacher of physical education at the University, six-year-old sister Masha. They fought all together. Where only Elena didn’t write – in the state Duma, the Ministry of health…

2 months they were trying to make Misha back “Tracker”. The point really has shifted – from the Prosecutor’s office got a response that sent the request to the Department of health. But before the court far. In the best case, the hearing will begin in October. Mike will probably win, but until October because we still live…

If the boy will continue to take the generic, his lungs will start irreversible changes.

Let’s help Misha to hold out until there is a trial. To ensure his “Triclinum” for 3 months, you need to collect 255 thousand rubles. Mishin native is simply impossible to collect such amount. Now Mike is forced to take medication which he’s getting worse, but do not take medicines in General, he also can not, because then the disease will grow even faster.

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