“The doctors suggested an injection to the baby stopped breathing in the womb”

Ivanna was born with a weight of 370 grams and survived. Doctors offered her mother a shot, so she stopped breathing in the womb, but the little girl cheated ultrasound and received the right to life. Today it develops at the age and has no apparent health problems. Mary, mother Ivanna, shared with the “Provera” its history.

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I well remember the day I found out that you’re expecting. It happened in October 2017. I was worried about some strange symptoms. We planned the pregnancy, but to determine it with the tests before. And I decided to make one. Because I could not believe that at this period it is possible to learn something, I put it aside and forgot, and went about their business, and when I came back… it had two stripes! I felt a huge sense of happiness. I couldn’t even wait for my husband to work! Called to him: “You can go home? I have something to tell you.” He immediately guessed: “are You pregnant?” We were overjoyed!

Maria with family

On the fifth week I was in the hospital with heavy bleeding. During the ultrasound the radiologist – the doctor who must interpret the results of the study, she entered the room. We live in Canada, and here the radiologist comes to the patient only in exceptional cases. When the ultrasound everything is in order, the technologist doing the study, and then the result sent to the family doctor. But the technician looked at me for a very long time, and he called the radiologist, and then another doctor… I looked at their faces and see what they think of something, so she started to worry.

It ended up that I invited the chief physician of the Department. She said she I have bad news – I have a “tube-and-angular pregnancy.” The fruit was in the corner of the uterus and tubes, it is considered the most dangerous form of ectopic pregnancy in which I could lose my uterus. I said it in plain text, no one invited a psychologist and not a word was selected and added to I terminated a pregnancy – for this I just needed to take a pill, but I refused.

“Believe and pray – God will create a miracle”

I was hospitalized, forbidden to eat and drink, put on a drip and said that in the morning, most likely, the figment still he will reject due to heavy bleeding. I wrote to parents before they even knew I was pregnant. My husband didn’t want to tell anyone until twelve weeks. The parents said, “Believe and pray. God will do a miracle.” And we began to pray.

The husband put his hand on my belly and told the baby, so he moved to the right place. On some stupid forum I read that you have to lie on a certain side, so the fetus has descended to the normal position, and decided to try it.

The hospital had free wards, I was laying behind the curtain in the hallway, it was very uncomfortable, but I prayed and asked God for help.

This morning I did a 3D ultrasound. Usually in such cases, don’t do it, but my reason was no exception. The doctor’s eyes crept to his forehead, she again invited the chief radiologist, and it turns out that the fetus is in the uterus. The danger remained, and still I had the opportunity to continue the pregnancy.

During the next ultrasound the baby was moving legs and the doctors thought that the child has the signs of down syndrome. I was offered a genetic test that I was not going to pass because I knew that in any case will retain the pregnancy. The doctors frightened: “Suddenly the fetus has malformations incompatible with life?” I said that in any case will not do an abortion, but still went for the test, which showed that with a probability of 99% there is no problem. It seemed possible to relax.

The sex of the child in Canada is determined at 18-20 weeks. During the next ultrasound, we found out that they are expecting a girl, but we also found out that I have a rare pathology of the placenta – shell attachment of the umbilical cord and the child lags behind in weight by two weeks due to the fact that the placenta is not getting enough nutrients in connection with pathology.

Third time I went on a planned visit to the doctor at 23 weeks to check the pressure. That day I wasn’t even going to the clinic, because this was already the obstetrician-gynecologist who specializiruetsya on difficult pregnancies, a week ago. Something made me go and as it turned out, not in vain. I had very high blood pressure, had to stay in the hospital.

“This is not labor, we have the abortion in the later term”

I had to leave there for 24 hours for observation, the doctors were afraid of eclampsia, but the next morning I had an ultrasound and it turned out that the placenta is failing. She could no longer feed the baby, and it meant that you have to give birth. 23 weeks is the earliest period in Canada, when birth is considered a birth, not abortion. This news I also learned no psychologists. No one was around, but the worst was waiting for me ahead.

Two hours later the doctors came back to say it will not be in labor, we have the abortion in the later period, because the weight of my girl – 330 grams. Such a child is not viable. It was the weight of 20-week-old baby. For delivery, it took about 500 grams. I was going to induce labor and I gave birth to a dead child. I said, “What if she can breathe?” The doctors suggested an injection to the baby stopped breathing in the womb. And I said no.

Left me in the hospital just for me, so said the medical staff. To save the child, no one was going. I started looking for a solution on the Internet, talked with different doctors. I was given the contacts of the best experts in Russia and Israel.

I sent all of the ultrasound results. And everyone told me: “Forget it. Get ready for the next pregnancy.” Blood flow to the placenta was virtually zero, the child could not grow, it was a wonder the child is still moving.

I went on a desperate step and told the doctors that if they refuse to help me, I’ll go to another hospital. Seeing my determination, they agreed to do another ultrasound at 24 weeks and if the baby miraculously gain weight, they might reconsider. But it was almost impossible. I was waiting for an ultrasound a week and it was the hardest week of my life. I have had a headache, I couldn’t sleep but tried to stay strong for his baby girl. I knew that the best I can do is to believe and be calm. I was in the chamber and put the belly of the prayer on YouTube, the singing of the monks. Tried to hold on to.

A week later, when I again measured the children’s weight, the doctors entered the room with a smile and said that the child has gained 100 grams. I promised to talk to the team of the neonatal center and allow labor. Then began constant monitoring. Doctors monitored the fetal heartbeat and blood flow to the placenta. At the first breach I had to take an emergency cesarean. Six days later after an ultrasound showed that the baby weighs 430 grams, it turned out that the placenta is no longer valid. In the morning I was transferred to the maternity ward, I called my husband and sister. My family came to support me.

It is difficult to tell what was going on. I was awake, I had an epidural. I felt no pain, but felt something down happens. And then a miracle happened.

Ivanna outsmarted everyone. Daughter weighed 430 grams and 370

Probably the happiest moment in my life when I heard the baby crying. Still can’t think about it without tears. It’s impossible for a baby born at this period, he wept and breathed. As soon as I heard her crying, the fear left me. All the doctors were in shock. I’m told Ivanna has outsmarted everyone. Daughter weighed 430 grams and 370. If doctors knew that no one would agree to let me into labor. Neonatologist that took that day, admitted: “If she did not move and did not cry, no one would have given her a chance.”

A team of neonatologist asked distractedly: “What are we going to do?” The neonatologist answered confidently, “Connect it to the oxygen.” Any other doctor would have delayed it aside as a “lost case”.

I was very lucky, given the chance Ivanna, Ivanna took exactly the neonatologist, which I already knew.

Once my daughter was born, a team of several people took her to a special place. She was born in the afternoon at 3 o’clock, at eight in the evening in a wheelchair brought me into her room. My husband was allowed to see the girl almost immediately. And my Ob / GYN did for me the video in the first minute of her birth, and I was able to look at Ivanna.

Daughter was in the hospital for four months. I lived there for her whole life. Every morning the team of doctors came to the house to the child, to discuss plans for the day. There were doctors the heart, digestion, breathing, professional nutritionists. Each baby had a separate nurse, who reported to doctors the latest news.

I was lucky: I was in the best place for premature babies, but even there only in exceptional cases, when a woman ten years could not have the baby and it was her last chance, was taken for particularly complex cases. And my case was not just difficult, it seemed hopeless. The child with weight normally or have ceased to grow lungs, or burst the intestine, and the baby was dead in the first weeks or months of life. Those who survived were left with serious complications forever.

From the first day I was allowed to touch the baby, I touched her, she felt as if I hug her. She got my milk through a special probe. Two weeks later, when my daughter removed the catheters and IVS, I was allowed to hold her for two hours a day. It was a difficult procedure. Ivanna was on the respirator, it was necessary to control it. The older she got, the longer I was allowed to keep it. She once held in my arms ten hours per day. In Canada doctors advise as much as possible to keep the kids hands because it helps the brain and the child needs to feel that mother is near.

When my daughter was only 700 grams, I already changed her diapers

In the hospital there were many difficult moments when I had to make a choice – whether to give a drug. I was guided by my intuition. Once I was offered a drug that was supposed to close the vessel in the heart. This drug is strongly influenced by digestion and could cause serious complications. I refused, because there was a chance that the vessel will close itself. At the thought of taking this medicine I had no peace in my soul. But as soon as I made the decision was calm. I decided that it manifested God’s will. I was supported by only one doctor. But the vessel actually closed itself at 32 weeks. The amazing thing is that usually this vessel creates problems with breathing, but, she has no problems.

At 34 weeks she was breathing herself, than again, surprised doctors. A child born with a weight of 370 grams, he breathes in 34 weeks! It was just incredible!

The last week in hospital I was allowed all the to take care of it. I always tried to do everything you can yourself. When my daughter was only 700 grams, I already changed her diapers. For the last four days I have allocated a separate room next to it, to make sure I got it. So when we got home, I was absolutely calm. I was very happy.

Maybe someone thought I made the mistake of daring to fight for her child, but fortunately, nobody told me this in person. They prayed for me. When I described this story in Facebook, I planned that it will see only my friends, but accidentally messed up the settings and it appeared in the public domain. I began to write people from all over the world as they were encouraged by my experience, I received many words of support and glad I decided to speak.

Ivanna – the wrestler


Now we have Ivanna. Her character was manifested from the earliest days. The nurse in the office told me that her daughter is a fighter. She was indignant when I had to change a diaper or if she didn’t like the oxygen mask. Ivanna and now this, will not tolerate when she doesn’t like something. She is a very cheerful girl who smiles a lot and laughs, “talks” and agukaet, loves to sit on the handles and examine the world around them. We were recently at the pediatrician. Here we look at its development as on the development of three children, given the period in which she was born. Ivanna makes all things not only in age, but slightly ahead of him.

When we were in the hospital, one of the nurses told me that she used to be a volunteer in the neonatal centers of Ukraine, which was brought equipment for premature babies and trained staff. Quite by accident I met a woman who was planning to do the same project in Zimbabwe. I introduced her to our nurse, and they decided to cooperate and I was asked to serve on the Committee of the project. Soon the nurse who is caring for Ivanna, going to Zimbabwe and I’ll help her from here. I’ve always wanted to do something important for people in Africa. And God gave me a chance.

All this time I had no resentment toward the Lord. Since childhood, I believe that everything happens for the better.

Difficulties can either make us stronger and teach you something, or break. But then God’s love can shelter and protect.

Yes, our world is that troubles happen, but He then finds a way to turn everything for the good of those who love Him.

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