The Dormition fast is like dying to the world

The feast of the Dormition — feast of the approval of the us in the passing of the earthly journey for most pure in the embrace of Her Son. Why funny here is nothing, but the joy is — it reflects Archpriest Igor Prekup.

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Dormition fast, as preceding the feast of the assumption of the blessed virgin Mary is one of the, if I may say so, autologistic posts (from gr. ἑορτή <Aarti> — holiday). Like the rest of the posts in this category, it is a period of waiting, preparation, longing of the soul, anticipating the celebration of life over death, the incorruptibility over corruption, the true and eternal over imaginary and transient.

However, this post is special as the celebration of the event not happy on your own. After all, what is “assumption”? — Death, to put it very simple. All of creation shuddered when he died on the Cross the Son of man. Her Son. And now death has caught up with Her — “sersou heaven” and “receptacle cannot fit”.

In this event, something unnatural, something wild… and wonderful, at first glance, as something not nice. In Her soon followed bodily assumption into heaven is not surprising, and death… no Wonder miracle. But to say “the death of Podatelnitsu eternal life” language does not turn — that sounds really fake. And not because we are used to the word “assumption,” no, it’s different.

“Assumption” is not a euphemism for “death.” On the contrary, this word reflects the essence of the phenomenon of the so-called “physical death”. I would even say that “death” is antifeminism “assumption” for a hardened, unrepentant sinners, because they may want to believe in the finiteness of life, or, at worst, in the “wheel of Samsara” some metamorphoses of the soul, but not terrifying in its simplicity the truth of life after life, when the dream (a foretaste of the coming eternal fate) is replaced by the revival in the day of the Lord. And you are no more “attempts”. The one and only life. Someone I would like to believe in death to justify their self-destructive life.

So, the feast of the Dormition is the feast of the triumph of Life not only over death but also over life in small letters on the form of existence, which by mistake is called “life” accordingly to your goals, without being directed to it.

The crucifixion of the Son, and the assumption of His Mother are inseparable and logical connection. The death of Christ is not only the atoning Sacrifice for the world, it is also a way of death to sin, the image of Prigogine themselves to the commandments, becoming motionless for sin, rooting them in a passion. Similarly, the death of His Mother — completion of the realization of the image of life as “dying for the world”.

But what is interesting: dying to the world and really evident only presents That Which the whole world is maternally protective. Strange, it would seem that the combined. Yes, strange, but only for those of us whose primitive minds the deadness associated with indifference.


In pseudoskepticism impulse to “die to the world” we are starting to vigorously develop the insensitivity to natural human aspirations, needs, not realizing that along with the ability to feel their suffering, we vystavlyaem a ability withsuffering, together with the sensuality of a burnt out withthe sympathy, ceasing to worry about for no reason forget that this fromexperience, being jealous of the salvation of souls, and ruin your soul and the souls of those who is offended by our error.

Dying to the world in the image of the blessed virgin is the liberation from its tyranny is to overcome all internal obstacles that stifle the seed of the word of God and prevent him to bear fruit. And the highest fruit of the spirit is love. So, dying to the world is only by way of nurturing the love of the relevant cases. And the mother of God represents it’s active service, being responsive Intercessor of the human race.

Post — period, the opposite occasion. The occasion is a breakthrough of eternal life through temporary on the territory, it would seem, hopelessly enslaved to the process of disintegration, and doomed to death, is a breakthrough of life in space of death, where all is born, it would seem, only in order to die, where the first cry of a newborn has already started ticking countdown…

Holiday breaks in and reminds us that all this — lies, blackmail, aimed at the suppression of the will to salvation, wills to use efforts, without which the Kingdom of God is not achieved; it is a lie, it’s just vremennoe and temporary, and the Lord the power of death is destroyed, it remains only to decide whether you’re with Him, and if so, above you and death only has power physically, and that briefly…

Holiday breaks and attaches us to eternity, giving to feel the heavenly joy once invaded our world in a specific historical moment as an event in the Economy of our salvation, the event did not go irretrievably in the past, but dwells in eternity and from eternity again and again break through to us, and we who live in time, inclusive of eternity is a breath of eternity, the breath of heavenly life.

But it’s the post immediately preceding this breath preparatory period, awareness of their captive state, its remoteness from the Heavenly homeland and, at the same time, the approval period in their allegiance to him: a period of reflection of his heavenly calling, his God-like nature, languishing in post, and triumphant in moments of communion native of eternity. The post how to meet its purpose, how it is “pleasant” to God, so the communion and grace of the feast more complete.

Above we noted the paradox of the feast of the Dormition of the Mother of God. Well, the paradox inherent in the gospel inherent in our faith initially, the Apostle Paul repeatedly pointed out to it in his Epistles. But in this case the paradox is not that, here, the whole world is afraid of death, and we are in the peak of his death is celebrated as a joyous celebration. Joy of joys alike.

Every Christian holiday of inherent joy, the assumption is not an exception, but the joy is always related with fun. It would be strange to hear something like: rejoice and be glad, for today the mother of God rested… Funny there’s nothing here, but the joy is. Joy, which, of course, lies not in the fact of death is unnatural.

Sacred Tradition shows that even the blessed virgin Mary in its own way afraid of death, however, is not so much his upcoming ordeal, and begged the Son not to see her hideous demons, usually occurring on the death of the human soul. Because the icon of the Dormition depicts the Lord, on the very deathbed of receiving at the hands of Her soul, symbolically depicted as a swaddled baby.


So, fun, and joy abundantly. Because the assumption is the feast of the triumph of hope in God, hope, which “does not disappoint” (ROM. 5; 5). The most-pure virgin passed through death, then no doom, no sign of the power of death over man (supposedly nothing changed after the cross).

Death — “the way of all the earth”, but not the end of this path, and the threshold beyond which it is continued, than the person lived before.

And if a man during earth life “died to the world,” then, having crossed this threshold, he finds himself free from the burden of “deadness” from everything that tried to “check for garbage” (Phil. 3; 8). And since “dying for the world” not only as a life to God, a life according to His commandments, a life of conscience, enlightened by the Holy Spirit, crossing the threshold of death, the soul discovers that she… home.

The feast of the Dormition — feast of the approval of the us in the passing of the earthly journey for most pure in the embrace of Her Son. The pre-post — image of this path. Two weeks of the Dormition fast is a time when we need to compress my life, removing from it all that was old, deadening, focusing on life-giving living the gospel, keeping in mind the words of Christ, who will keep His word, He and “brother and sister and mother” (Matt. 12; 50).

All the same, what should be done always. Post — only period of concentrated effort, and the assumption — with a special emphasis on gentle, patient, affectionate, compassionate philanthropy, characteristic of the maternal love of The one whose womb burned at the Cross, but in whose heart there was not a corner, no slits for hatred. But it may be a natural maternal love for her child and the parent as hatred of his detractors? It is this innocence of evil, parasitic nature, and is rewarded “death to the world.”

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