The Earth’s population grew by 83 million people – that Bible of Yours

Compared to the previous year, the world population increased by 83 million people and more than 7 billion 635 million.

On Tuesday, July 10, reported the German Foundation “People of the Earth” (DSW), writes the Correspondent.

According to him, every 10 seconds in the world is born of 26 children. Population growth is particularly noticeable in Africa, experts say the Fund. By 2050, the population on the continent will increase from 1.3 billion to 2.5 billion people.

One of the reasons for the growth of specialists DSW referred to the high number of unwanted pregnancies. According to the head of the Fund. ber, half the women in sub-Saharan Africa more children than they want. This is due to the insufficient level of education and lack of contraception, according to the ber.

“If everyone could freely decide when and how many children they want to have, and want, if at all, the situation for people in poor countries would improve, and the annual increase in world population would be reduced by about a quarter,” said Bert.

According to the UN, the largest city in the world is the capital of Japan is Tokyo, which is home to 37 million people. In the Indian capital of new Delhi live 29 million, and in Shanghai, China – 26 million people.

The data published on the eve of world population day, celebrated on July 11.

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