From 11 to 14 November 2015 in Kiev in the fifth time was the Eastern European Leadership forum. In order to unite Christians of European countries, reveal the potential of the Church to society and to equip resources for Evangelical leaders, about eighty speakers shared their experiences and messages within three days.

“This year we have a large emphasis on the role of an influential minority in society, in social change, says the Director of East European Leadership Forum Yaroslav Lukasik. — We understand that Christians are to be salt and light to society, so we on the forum are looking for ways how we can bring gospel values to life in Ukraine, Belarus, peoples of Eastern Europe.”

Seminars and lectures are held simultaneously in eleven areas: apologetics, volunteering and chaplaincy, missions, youth Ministry, family Ministry, Church and civil society, Christianity and business, culture. Each forum member chooses one of the directions, and there is actively working all the time of the conference. Here brought together Christians from Europe. They are from different churches, unions and cultures, and this is the time when they meet, share ideas, and develop joint projects.

“How many times I tell our Church about Ukraine — people become more warm, friendly, kind. The history of our countries so much like: first communism and now freedom. I believe that God in our generation wants us to come together and work together. Our friendship, and our Ministry — the example”, says Emanuel Tundrea, doctor of technical Sciences, fellow of the Institute of “Emmanuel” (Oradea, Romania). Emmanuel — one of the speakers of the forum. During his lecture he talks about genetics, arguing that God is changing the destiny of families and genera at the genetic level. Only He can transform the heirs of thieves, drunks and liars in His prophets and priests. The second theme of discipleship as the main calling of the Church.

The word “vocation”, “dedication”, “service” is heard from each audience. The forum’s key themes and issues. After all, there’s no way around speaking about biblical leadership, Christian values and the awakening of the Nations and spiritual growth.

“We have enough leaders, when the “many chiefs and no Indians”, and today is the time for us to be followers of Christ, to truly follow him, and all the rest, looking at us, too could go with us. And that is what I am here on this forum are studying in the first place”, — tells Sergey Golovin, Dean of Intercollegiate faculty of Christian apologetics.

“Young people are the future leaders. And always need to learn how to be leaders, because in our country, unfortunately, do not teach. Moreover, you also need to inculcate how to be a servant-leader. It is generally unnatural in our culture,” says Julia Nikolaichuk, General Secretary of the public organization “Commonwealth of Britain”.

“We pastors ought to become fathers. We want to release people into their calling. By the way, the credo of my life is this: “Tell me, what is your calling, and what can I do to help you to execute it,” — says in a break between seminars, Veniamin Brukh, pastor of the Church of Kyiv “Hope for the Nations”.

Employees of the Association “Emmanuel” — among the participants. Trainer-consultant of the movement “Territory of responsibility” Anton Kolganov led a seminar on assistance to people having problems in the sexual sphere (pornosaitebi survivors of sexual violence, etc.).
The President of the Association “Emmanuel” – Steve Weber was one of the speakers in the “family” direction. As a father and caregiver of foster children, he gave the audience her personal experience about how to create an atmosphere of creative relationships in a large family.

“Today I have the main theme, because the most important thing is the Church house. Our home is an incubator for the future. Most importantly — my relationship with Christ, and second, that close to it — my relationship with my wife. But we also pay a lot of attention on our children. When people take foster kids is an extra challenge to be a good father, a good husband,” explains Steve Weber.

To establish inter-Church and inter-confessional interaction between the leaders, improve their professionalism, to equip and encourage Ministers of the gospel — goal, which is the Eastern European leadership forum. One of his messages — what positive changes do not come by themselves and will not be visible quickly. But, they will appear in churches, States, human fates — thanks to the joint Ministry dedicated to the God of the people.

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