The election of the Supreme judges provoked protests in the Capitol

In the capital of America’s struggle for nominees to the Supreme court, Bret Kawano, showed the worst in our politics. Senator Susan Pollins requested a police escort to protect themselves from protesters and media. Protesters also occupied the offices of senators and often said nasty words to their staff. The situation became so terrible that the wife of Senator Rand Paul wrote an open letter, urging people to behave in a civilized manner. She says she hard to look at how senators and their spouses are unfounded and publicly accused, as it was with Ted Cruz and his wife Heidi.

“These people shouted in their face, showed middle finger and shoved it right under his nose. They told them terrible things. It is aggressive and cruel. The attack. This is not what is called a manifestation of their position,” says Kelly Paul, wife of Senator Rand Paul.

And in the midst of all this chaos come to the capital prayer group. Intercessor Dutch sheets came to Washington with a team of prayer warriors to plead for God’s mercy.

“I don’t think we have to pray perfectly, but I believe that we should pray. If we come, God will do the rest,” says Dutch sheets.

MHN: Ebigel Robertson, our correspondent, is now in the U.S. Capitol. Tell us about the division and tension that you see between the parties. Was it so bad ever?

Abigail Robertson, a correspondent for “CBN News” at the Capitol:

I can only speak about those two years that I spent in the Capitol, but I don’t remember it was that bad. You saw real emotion senators. Lindsey Graham was very evil last week. I believe that many Republican senators worried about what is happening with the Supreme court. In the life of judge Cavanaugh will forever remain a scar of those events. They believe that the Senate held this process so that it caused incredible damage not only to judge Cavanaugh, and Dr. Ford. It seems to me that many senators want to get back to the usual order of things. They fear that future nominees will not want to take these positions, given how their personal lives and the lives of their families, vilify.

MHN: Abby, what do the senators-Christians? On both sides there are a lot of believers. What they say about what should be done now?

We have a lot of legislators are Christians, and they pray during this process. I met Senator Chris coons, Democrat from Delaware who takes part in a bilateral Senate Committee Christian Bible study that meets on Wednesdays. I asked him, “what do you pray for during this process?” He said he prays every day about the President of the Senate. Now he asks God for wisdom and humility. I saw him an hour ago, and about the process he said, “There are things we can and must do to following the verification process was clear and fair.” I think both sides are unhappy with how things are going right now.

MHN: We recently spoke with Dutch Sitcom. He arrived in the capital. What other prayer ministries have you seen? What are they trying to achieve?

Yes. Is the word secular media. Though there are many protesters, I also saw many prayer groups that were here this last week. They pray that in this situation was the will of God. They are trying to bring peace to the Capitol and to save people from the anger that we see now.

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