US presidential elections home stretch. Mike Pence — Governor of Indiana and Evangelical Christian, the candidate for Vice-President. He recently said in an exclusive interview with CBN why he believes that as President, Donald trump is against abortion. He also stated that, in his opinion, the Bible talks about the importance of voting.

In Pennsylvania it is expected the decisive battle of the candidates, and the candidate in Vice-presidents of the USA from the Republican party, Mike Pence does not stint promises: “America must be strong. And when Donald trump becomes President of the United States, we will bring to the world stage of American power,” he says.

Before election day is in a month, and Mike Pence, representing trump understands that it will be hard work. He said “CBN News” that they are not just fighting with rivals of Clinton and Kane.
The question CBN News “do you Believe that mainstream media in this country want the next President of the United States is Hillary Clinton?” he said, “I Admit, it’s amazing to me. Of course, I already knew about the liberal bias of the media and personally faced with it, but I must tell you that ever since I joined this campaign, I see that the main national mass media from day to day doing half of the job Hillary Clinton for her!”

Therefore, according to Pence, they will have to work harder to appeal to voters directly, especially in swing States such as Pennsylvania, where they could still convince someone.

“I think trump good intentions, but sometimes it’s hard for him to concentrate. But the Pens did well to outline their vision and unveil the intentions behind the rhetoric, says Tyler Molison undecided voter. — So I think that in some sense it helps to reassure the voting public that is worried about something”.

Until November 8, you will see Mike Pence on the stock, similar to that held in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. It is home to many workers and employees. It is precisely those voters who need Donald Trump and Mike Pence at sites on election day. And they try to convince Evangelical Christians that Trump can be trusted on issues of importance to them.

“In regard to such matters as the sanctity of the right to life, I’m extremely proud of being an associate of Donald trump, presidential candidate of the United States, bravely competing in this race in defense of life,” says Mike Pence.

As President, will be whether trump against abortion?

“I assure you, I heard his remarks about it in public and in private. Donald trump defends the sanctity of the right to life,” says Mike Pence.

Another question is, will the conservative evangelicals to the stations on the election day. Pence wants to give the congregation one biblical advice: “I really believe that obedience to the authorities referred to in the Bible, involves our participation in the electoral process. Get information and vote as you see fit”.

Regardless of the outcome, Pence believes that the country needs a spiritual shaking: “it is very important that we pray. I believe that what was true always true today: if we accept His people, which are called by His name, and pray, He will hear from heaven and heal their land,” he says.

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