The experience of living in God helps us to discern truth from false teachings – of the Metropolitan. Anthony

Metropolitan Anthony of Boryspil and Brovary (Pakanich)

Manager of the UOC Metropolitan Anthony told how to distinguish true faith from falsehood and deception.

God is known not so much with knowledge as experience of life in It. One who has not experienced it empirically, not always able to distinguish true faith from false doctrines. This “news” said managing Director of the UOC Metropolitan Anthony of Boryspil and Brovary.

According to him, the current situation around the Orthodox faith illustrates the Savior’s words, spoken nearly two thousand years ago: “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves” (Matt. 7:15).

“The Lord is not just telling us, His children, the wolves will come, and warns: beware! – said Bishop Anthony. – Coming false teachers are not obvious enemies, will not openly oppose Christ, His teachings, His Church, and will begin very insidiously to act secretly, carefully disguised. They will be difficult to immediately recognize under the mask, you will need special care. They can look quite respectable, to say at first glance the right words to dress as shepherds, but in fact are not shepherds of the flock of God, and ravenous wolves, wormed his way into it, which should escape”.

The Hierarch noted that the Lord tells us that to detect lies and deception by results.

“Wolf – a beast of prey, he attacks his victim and kills her, long before this lurking waiting for the right time to attack the flock, says Bishop Anthony. – Its fruits are always bloody. The spiritual fruit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance (Gal. 5:22). Not loving can attack and capture, assign someone else to hurt brother.”

Metropolitan Anthony explains that true faith leads a person to the Living Christ, to Which should be directed all the forces of our soul, because in It the whole meaning of our existence.

“Let us pray to the Lord to grant us spiritual insight in the search for truth, firmness in imitation of Christ, faithfulness in the service of His Church. Will always and everywhere follow only the true Shepherd!” – concluded the Hierarch.

Earlier, Metropolitan Anthony spoke about what true love is always present the divine power of Christ.

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