The faithful of the UOC continues to block the opportunity to get on a Big religious procession on July 27


New reports that pilgrims block traffic in the capital on July 27 came from Nizhyn, Chernivtsi, Rivne, Odessa dioceses.

The vehicle owners are forced to deny the faithful of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, fearing the threats of the authorities and radical nationalists. Reported Information-enlightenment Department of the UOC.

So, in the Nizhyn eparchy the representatives of “Freedom” was threatened by the local carriers that will burn their buses, if they’re lucky believers of the UOC on a religious procession in Kiev on July 27.

In Chernivtsi reported that at the moment, the pilgrims are unable to find any company that would agree to take them to Kiev, because all owners of vehicles are warned that they will take away a license if they get lucky in the capital of the Ukrainian Orthodox. The carriers say that the instruction to block the trip comes from the transport administration, located in Kyiv.

It is also known that similar problems are faced in Rivne, Odessa and several other dioceses of the UOC.

As reported by the outreach Department of the UOC, officials EN masse to block the participation in the procession of believers of the UOC. Prevent to go in procession to the capital in Zhytomyr, Zaporizhia and other areas.

In addition, information about the active use of administrative resources for promoting events, “the Kiev Patriarchate” in the Day of the baptism of Rus on 28 July confirmed in all regions of Ukraine.

We will remind, today about the facts of impeding the faithful to get to the capital to participate in the procession on July 27, informed the representatives of the OSCE monitoring mission.

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