The faithful of the UOC prevented to get to the procession in Kyiv, ovruts’kyi diocese

In 2017, the procession of the UOC to the Day of the baptism of Russia has gathered tens of thousands of believers

Victory to the faithful of the diocese are trying to stop to take part in the procession in Kiev on July 27.

In Ovruch district of Zhytomyr region by the faithful of the UOC bothering to go in procession to the capital, forbidding carriers to 27 July route to Kiev. This writes the Information Department of the UOC with reference to the acting Narodichi Ovruch deanery of the diocese Archpriest Oleg Tominskogo.

“Yesterday-the day before we wanted to clarify if all will be fine, we all began to massively refuse – all carriers, all those who have their own fleets, all owners of minibuses – leads the Outreach Department of the UOC review the father Oleg. – Call the different reasons, but informally told that 27th out flights in the direction of Kiev forbade intelligence services.”

The priest said that the way the government is trying to artificially create the appearance that the faithful of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church less than supporters of the UOC-KP.

“On 28 th instructed the administrations – they organize buses, forcibly collecting funds from businessmen, all officials will necessarily be put in a bus and drive to Filaret, – said Archpriest Oleg Domanski. – All this in order to show it on television that the “Kiev Patriarchate” supposedly support more Ukrainians.”

Informed about the use of administrative resources for meeting people for the March of the UOC-KP in Kiev on July 28, said on his page on Facebook, Archbishop of Sumy and Akhtyrka Evlogy (Gutchenko), and in the comments to his post users told that in other cities the same thing happens.

Metropolitan of Zaporizhia and Melitopol Luka (Kovalenko) stated that civil servants forced the faithful to attend the events of the Kiev Patriarchate, which will be held in the capital in honor of the baptism of Rus. An expert on religious issues in Ukraine, Alexander Ermolenko commented on this information, saying that the administrative resources have connected all over Ukraine, as the authorities have the task to “provide the number of marches supporters of the UOC-KP”.

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