“The family is the most important job of your life” Oleg Popov and Yuliya

The family and marriage is a special value that cannot be replaced. So say the pastors of the Moscow Church “Word of life” Oleg Popov and Yuliya.

In his Telegram channel pair, said: “What would you do in this life, if you married and you have a family, then this is the most important thing in your life”.

“In Hebrews it is written: “Marriage at all will be honored”. There is a very special value of family and relationships. It cannot be replaced. It is important to learn never to sacrifice important things for an emergency. Time spent with a spouse or with children — it’s not about “urgent”, it’s about “important”,” added Popov.

The couple was advised to subscribers primarily concerned about the welfare of loved ones and the quality of relations with them, as they are near the end of life.

“Think about that for life to death you will only have your parents, husband, wife, and children. All others, including friends and colleagues, not necessarily will be with you always. And in fact this is what happens. Little who life to death tied to one place”, — stated in the post.

Julia and Oleg Popov married for over 25 years. In his Telegram-channel “Happy family” wife sharing how to build a strong family.


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