The first drug rehabilitation center in Serbia was opened by the Protestants

When God freed from addiction of a pastor living in Eastern Europe, he had no idea that one day will help in overcoming the same based on the hundreds of other people.

Ten years have passed since then, as one Protestant Church in the Serbian city of Novi Sad founded the country’s first drug rehabilitation center.

“I was healed from drug addiction. One prayer — and I’m free,” says pastor and founder of the program, dušan Beregi.

Pastor Dusan Beredi, or Bera, one of the founders of a drug rehabilitation Center “Raduga”. Here men are free help to overcome the addiction. Bera says that after years of war in Serbia there was a huge surge in drug use.

“One reason was PTSD. Here the heroin is very cheap, because our country is a transit route from Asia to Europe,” he says.

Milos Dozic and his wife Helen are former drug addicts.

“I was looking for a way out of their addiction and found this center. At that time in Serbia there was nothing like that,” says Milos.

Milos Dozic graduated from the program nearly a decade ago. He now helps to lead worship in the Church, and his life — a real miracle!

Now rehabilitation can be simultaneously thirty people, and 300 completed treatment.

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