The first Holocaust memorial in Canada “forgot” about the Jews

On 27 September in Canada opened the first memorial to the victims of the Holocaust. However, a plaque located outside of the structure, not to mention Jews or anti-Semitism.

This omission was immediately marked by opposition politicians, human rights activists and Israeli media. However, the government of Canada responded quickly to the situation, noting that the default was unintentional.

The Minister of canadian heritage Melanie Jolie has been ordered to replace the plaque, adding the mention of 6 million Jews and 5 million non-Jews killed by the Nazis during the Holocaust, writes The Jerusalem Post.

“In the day when it was a monument, we noticed that the bar at the entrance makes no mention of Jews. We addressed this question to the government. They were very helpful, admitted the mistake and agreed to rectify it immediately,” said Martin Sampson, Director of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs.

The memorial is located in front of the war Museum in Ottawa. It is a stylized star of David, which is a visual symbol of the Holocaust as millions of Jews were forced to wear for identification a bandage with a picture of the star of David.

The creation of the memorial took about 10 years and a cost of 7.2 million dollars.

Canada was the only allied nation that does not have a national Holocaust memorial.

Photo NYTimes

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