The first Liturgy served in the monastery of St. Nicholas in Japan


In the night from 23 to 24 November 2018, in day of memory of St. Theodore the Studite, in the Orthodox monastery in honor of St. Nicholas of Japan (the Japanese Autonomous Orthodox Church), located in the Japanese town of Ajiro, held its first divine Liturgy, according to patriarhiei.

In a monastery Church in honor of icon of mother of God “it is truly meet” was committed midnight, Matins, hours and Liturgy.

The service was led by the Abbot of the monastery of St. Nicholas, Archimandrite Gerasim (Shevtsov), co-served by Protodeacon John Fanourakis. Took part in the service Nicholas Ozima and altar servers, resurrection Cathedral of Tokyo (“Nikolai-do”), Gabriel Yokoyama.


The brethren of the monastery expresses confidence that, as the construction of the main temple of the monastery of worship will become a regular, you will be able to accommodate pilgrims and making the announcement about the upcoming service.


Currently, the page the monastery of St. Nicholas in the social network Facebook conducted only in Russian, which many Japanese don’t understand. It was therefore decided to Supplement the Russian text to Japanese and English. The publication in Japanese has kindly agreed to do Gavriil Yokoyama and English — archdeacon John Fanourakis. In the coming days, the monastery plans to update their publication of texts in these languages.

Photo: STSL.Ru

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