The first stage of reconstruction of the Museum-reserve Chersonese


28 July 2018 on the territory of the Museum-reserve Chersonese, the first stage of a large-scale work on the creation of a special Museum space while preserving the authenticity of this precious monument of ancient culture.

The first of the events held on the territory of the updated archaeological Park became the choir of the Moscow Sretensky monastery with the program “Masterpieces of choral art of Russia”. The concert took place at the new stage of the Museum-reserve.

Honorary guests of the event were the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev with the spouse, the Head of the Republic of Crimea S. V. Aksenov, Metropolitan Lazar of Simferopol and Crimea, Metropolitan of Pskov and Porkhov Tikhon.


Before the concert the Governor of Sevastopol D. V. Ovsyannikov read out a message from Russian President Vladimir Putin to the audience:

“The spiritual and civilizational choice made here, in the ancient Chersonese, the Holy Prince Vladimir is indeed historic. Foundations of the Orthodox faith, accepted Russian Prince from the Greek teachers, laid the moral traditions of our people”

Now we can say that the work was considerable. For several months this year have been cleared of debris and overgrowth of weeds is a huge area of almost 15 hectares. Removed more than 300 tons of earth and debris. Conducted archaeological work, the scale of which for many years did not know the Chersonese. Restored in accordance with the norms of preservation of key archaeological exposition – fortification the “Curtain-19”. To reduce the load of ancient buildings, in agreement with the experts was built a special wooden decks and walkways.


Next to each of the remaining archaeological sites will be presented with multimedia screens, in which information and the ability to visually explore the history of the object in different centuries of existence. There will of course be reconstruction, but the visitor will be able to reconstruct the General historical image of an era. Unfortunately, the old signs with the explanations were too brief and dry, besides was full of a large number of errors. Today, the descriptions of the objects are thoroughly checked by experts, historians.

Informed guests of the Hersonissos unpleasantly surprised running mean of the entrance, which for decades was struck by the discrepancy between the importance of the place and handicap rudeness of his front part. Soon the entrance will be reconstructed and brought in its consonance with the historical significance of the Museum complex.

Now the restored historic entrance. And soon this place away from the archaeological sites will be installed this bronze image of a generalized plan image of the ancient city.

“The path from the restored historic entrance to the Chersonese visitors will pass not only on the history of the Ancient Korsun, but the spiritual history of mankind from ancient times to the present day. And that this journey may be the most interesting, most exciting.

The spiritual quest of humanity, his path to the knowledge of the Supreme truth can be traced nowhere as it is here, in Chersonese” – said Metropolitan Tikhon (Shevkunov)

Visitors will see a few specially created for the exhibition of films. Dozens of screens and touch kiosks with fascinating informative texts and numerous illustrations, 3D models and many other technical innovations will make the trip to Hersonissos truly unforgettable. And the sayings of the great men of mankind from the ancient philosophers to our contemporaries placed on special banners, urging us to think about the most important, about the destiny of man, about God.


In the evening visitors will be able to see the performances, built on the most modern in the southern Federal district the scene, attend concerts of famous groups, see the multimedia and sound and light show.

“Amphitheatre, stage, light and sound systems installed in the territory of the archaeological Park are temporary structures and fixtures for the festival” – said the Chairman of Fund of support of the Humanities, “My history”, which is a co-organizer of the project.

Reconstruction of Museum space and all work is carried out under the auspices of the Patriarchal Council for culture.

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