Donald trump as President of the United States made its first trip overseas. It is called a tour of the centers of world religions, because trump has visited Riyadh, Jerusalem and Rome. First, he visited Saudi Arabia, where he appealed to Muslim leaders an important speech on the fight against terrorism.

Dancing to the music and good mood characterize the President’s visit to Saudi Arabia, where he was greeted with a red carpet. But in the spotlight was his speech on terrorism, addressed to Arab leaders.

“A better future is only possible if your people will get rid of extremists and terrorists, appealed to Arab leaders Donald trump. — Get rid of them! Expel them from your houses of worship. Banish them from your community. Banish them from the Holy land. Banish them from the face of the Earth.”

Speaking about the expulsion of the terrorists from the face of the Earth, trump made it clear where they will be: “If you choose the path of terror, your life will be empty, your existence is short, and your soul will forever be damned”, he said.

The President of the United States trump is not coincidence that the first case arrived in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. If with Israel we have a unbreakable bond that dates back several decades, Saudi Arabia, all a little different. Trump wants to enlist the support of Saudi Arabia and many other countries with a Muslim majority in the fight against ISIS. That is why he did not publicly criticize the Royal family for well-known violations of human rights. Senior administration officials said the “CBN News” that these issues were raised in private conversations. The focus is the fight against terrorism. Evangelical leader Franklin Graham said the “CBN News” that Saudi Arabia should be held accountable, because it is, in fact, funding terrorism, preaching the doctrine of Wahhabism, a radical view of Islam.

“We don’t have in front of them to curry favor. I think we should have a President who will be able to resist Saudi Arabia! But whether so or not, I don’t know,” said Franklin Graham.

It is clear that terrorism does not stop in one motion, but trump is hoped that this will contribute to the opening of the world center to fight extremism. His goal is to move the fight against radical Islamist ideology into cyberspace. The white house also made from the six Gulf countries signing the agreement Refinansirovany terrorist organizations. Time will tell whether it will be adhered to. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia knows that in his region needed change.

“If we manage to change the rhetoric in the U.S. and in the West, hostility to the Islamic world in partnership, we really can change our world, drown out the voices of extremists and to dry the swamp that breeds extremism and terrorism”, — said the foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia Adel Bin Ahmed al-Jubeir.

As we reported high-ranking representatives of the administration, all these steps are aimed at combating ISIS. It is important to note that in addition to Saudi Arabia, a strong player in the middle East is Iran. It is considered a common enemy of Saudi Arabia and America. Thus, the strengthening of Saudi Arabia in the middle East would be in American interests — as told to Donald trump — whatever.

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