The founder of the Church of Satanists in Houston (TX) converted to Christianity. Formerly known as Jacob, But Jacob McKelvey gathered a group of “Luciferians”, creating the Church of Satan worshipers. But on 5 February 2017 McKelvey with his wife renounced their ties with Luciferians Church by being born again as Christians.

“…(We) were once in darkness and were associated luciferianism Testament, said McKelvey in the service of the Houston Church “First sprout” (“Spring First Church”). – We are mired in the shadows of hostile influence and knew no other love but love for one another. Today I renounce, refuse and break the satanic Covenant with the blood of Jesus.”
At the end of the service McKelvey and his wife were baptized.

In an exclusive interview with CBN News McKelvey shared as plunged into Satanism.
He said he turned to religion after his sister died from a snake bite.
“I was born and raised among the Mormons, and therefore understand who was Jesus Christ and God, and if They took my sister, I decided to go to the dark side. Feelings of hopelessness and powerlessness pushed me to make this step. When Luciferians say you are your own God, it’s highly catchy”, — he explained.

History McKelvey is a story of grace, love and liberation.
30, 2015 “the Great Church of Lucifer”, founded McKelvey, opened its doors to companies in Houston. CBN News has covered the story of the opening of the Church in 2015.

“It was the search for power and influence,’ said McKelvey. – I didn’t expect the Great Church of Lucifer will be so large. It all started in my garage”.

Some Christians from the neighborhood began to protest against Satanism, but the pastor of the Church of the “First sprout” Robert Hogan encouraged the Church to pray instead of protest.

“I’m not going to participate in the protest, said Hogan from the pulpit in his Church. – You can ask about something else: you could also not go there and not participate in pickets? If you want to protest, then spend the pickets on his knees in prayer,” he said.
Part of the preaching and testimony McKelvey has uploaded to YouTube.

Hogan said that he hoped that something good will come out of a negative situation.
“I just believe that God could start a revival in that Church,” said pastor.
Then in August 2016 McKelvey came to the Church of the “First sprout” and asked to meet with the pastor Hogan. His visit lasted four hours, and after McKelvey gave his life to Jesus Christ.

“I must admit that, most likely, Robert is one of the best people I’ve met in my life. He is real,” said McKelvey, explaining how the meeting went with the pastor Hogan.

Today, McKelvey hopes that this story will inspire others to follow God and to live for Christ.

“No matter how far you are from God, there is always a way home,” he said.
“I had a burning desire to go to that Church, so I decided. Robert was not in that day, but he called me back. We talked on the phone for two hours, and then appointed the conversation on 11 August, and talked for another 4 hours, in the end I gave my life to Christ.”
McKelvey is now preaching in churches, serving as a proof of the power of prayer and love of God.

“The power, peace and wholeness that I feel today, much more important than anything I’ve experienced before,” he said.

“I created the Church to destroy dogmatic religion, and He still loved me. So if He has still managed to love me so that I was here today and talked with you, the more can be no excuses.”

Pastor Hogan said working very closely with McKelvey, trying to lay a solid Foundation, so that rooted and grounded in the Word.
Meanwhile, “the Great Church of Lucifer” closed its doors.


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