The Georgian Orthodox Church spoke out against unilateral intervention of the Patriarchate of Constantinople in the Affairs of Ukrainian Orthodoxy


In the Georgian Church believe that the solution to the problem of schism in Ukrainian Orthodoxy is necessary to the Constantinople and Moscow Patriarchates, together seek common solutions. Reported Information-enlightenment Department of the UOC with reference to the

“I think at this stage we should not make hasty assessments as long as the two sides will formulate their official and not susceptible to appeal on the basis of the norms of Canon law,” — said in a statement issued on 30 September 2018 on the official website of the Georgian Orthodox Church.

“The topic is very delicate and need in the first place, to the two Patriarchates discussed and decided,” — added to the Georgian Church.

In conclusion, the document notes: “It is a fact that the two Churches feel a responsibility to millions of Orthodox Christians, care about the unity of Churches, we hope that they will do everything possible to find ways for a peaceful solution. We always pray for it”.

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