The glorification of saints in the elder Amphilochius (Makris)

The Holy Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, which takes place at the Phanar, under the chairmanship of the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, decided on Wednesday 29 August 2018 to glorify the saints in patomskogo elder Amphilochius (Makris; 1889-1970). It is reported Πεμπτουσία.

Elder Amphilochius (Makris) was born on Patmos the island of Apocalypse in 1889. He was a great defender of Orthodoxy, which suffered a lot during the Italian occupation of the Dodecanese. In those days, he founded many secret schools and made sure that the Greek language and Orthodox faith continued to spread in small children of the Islands, despite the attempts of the Nazis and the Roman Church to cut them off from their roots.

For many years he was Abbot of the monastery of Saint John the theologian on Patmos. He also founded the convent of the Annunciation in 1937. He was distinguished by many virtues, love, humility and paternal care for his spiritual children. The old man fought for monasticism and Orthodox missionary. He travelled as a preacher throughout the war years and later. Moreover, the elder had founded many monasteries in various Greek Islands and was responsible for orphanages and other charities.

St. Amphilochius died in 1970.

“I beg you to apply this commandment to try to bring up love in the face of Christ to such an extent that when you pronounce His name, tears fled from your eyes. Your heart must really burn. Then He will become your Teacher. He will be your Guide, your Brother, your Father and your Elder” (St. Amphilochius (Makris)).

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