The Governor is a Christian of the most populous Muslim country in the world appeared in court on charges of blasphemy. This process is considered as a test of Indonesia’s commitment to religious tolerance. While Christians protect comments Basuki Purnama Cahaya about the wrong interpretation of the Quran, some Muslims are outraged.

On Tuesday, the Governor of Jakarta Basuki Purnama Cahaya, also known by the nickname Ahok, was taken to court, where the hearings of his case. He is accused of desecrating Islam because of statements he made a few months ago. In case of conviction the Governor, a Christian could face up to five years of imprisonment.

Ahok is the first ethnic Chinese who became the Governor of Jakarta, and the first non-Muslim to hold this post for the last half century. He hopes for re-election next year. Ahok said that politicians distort the Koran, when he said that Muslims must not lead a Muslim.

The state Prosecutor told the court that Ahok insulted Islam and desecrated the Koran, when used one from sur to mislead voters in order to increase their chances of winning. During the trial of the Governor was attended by a large number of police officers and the property was significantly limited traffic. Hundreds of protesters gathered outside the courthouse to demand the conclusion of Ajoka in jail. Despite the chaos, the Governor insisted that he had not intended to offend any of the believers or religious groups when he made those comments in September of last year.

“I didn’t want to offend Muslims or to insult the clergy. On this basis, asked the court to consider my request for exemption,” says the Governor of Jakarta Basuki Purnama Cahaya.

Supporters Basuki Purnama Cahaya gathered near the courthouse to defend the innocence of the leader of the Christian. They believe that radical Muslims in Jakarta are trying to damage the chances of Ahoka for re-election.

“Ahok never insulted any religion. He wouldn’t tolerate any action against his country and his people”, — assured the demonstrators.

Some fear that the trial Focom may signal about growing Islamic militancy in a country with a population of 250 million. Christians make up less than 10% of the population of Indonesia. According to the Indonesian Constitution, religious freedom is guaranteed throughout the country. However, militant Muslim groups often attack and sue the Christians and the Church.

Lawyer Ahoka asked a panel of five judges to stop the proceedings. Judges postponed the proceedings until December 20.

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