The Governor Pochayiv Lavra called on the faithful to defend the monastery

The Governor of the Holy Dormition Pochayiv Lavra, Metropolitan Volodymyr (Moroz)

The Governor Pochayiv Lavra reported the threats to the monastery, asked for prayer support, and urged, if necessary, to protect the Shrine.

The Governor of the Holy Dormition Pochayiv Lavra, Metropolitan Vladimir of Pochaev asked all who care about the fate of the Ukrainian Orthodox shrines, to be ready to defend it. This is stated in the statement of the Governor published on the website of the monastery.

“At different times in the history of our predecessors and family in the faith and spirit of Orthodox Christians have to testify, to confess their faith and protect their shrines. Given the situation, and according to the information we have available, and threats, which are amplified, apparently, we will have something to worry about,” writes the Bishop.

Therefore, brethren, asking believers about the support, “first prayer, moral but it will need physical presence.”

“Now is not the 17 th year of the twentieth century and the outburst of the October revolution, but Lenin’s grandchildren in spirit to threaten violence, and therefore protect their Shrine,” urges the Bishop.

He explains that on the date when you need to bring will be announced later.

Commenting on the granting of the Tomos of the Church in Ukraine, the Hierarch explained: “be careful to avoid being misled. Our Ukrainian Orthodox Church has the canonical status defined by the Tomos of October 29, 1990 from the Mother Church. And now someone wants to put in dependence on the new Patriarch and the second of the Pope Bartholomew”.

“The new style, with its consequences, is unacceptable for us Orthodox. And we are happy with that status, which is our Church,” said Metropolitan Volodymyr.

He reminded the supporters of the Tomos that the separation of Church and state. “Our Ukrainian Orthodox Church received the Tomos in 1990. This is evidenced by the letter of Patriarch Alexy II of 27.10.1990 G.: “a true Letter of our all-Holy and life-giving power of the spirit to be from Now on Ukrainian Orthodox Churches independent and Autonomous in its management”.

The Governor also mentioned about the letter to the former Minister of justice of Ukraine Onopenko V. V. from 29.12.1993, No. 1338, which Patriarch Alexy II sent in addition to the letter, and which read: “the Ukrainian Orthodox Church since October 1990, is canonically independent and fully self-managed. Any administrative and financial accountability of the Moscow Patriarchate does not exist … according to the Tomos of the autonomy and independence of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.”

“In fact, Tomos, our Church already has. What else “Tomos” do we need?”, – asks the Hierarch.

As reported by PWC, informed the Governor of the Holy Dormition Pochayiv Lavra, Metropolitan Vladimir of Pochaev (frost) said that the government should boost the economy, and not to interfere in the Affairs of the Church.

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