The Governor Pochayiv Lavra made a statement about the possible seizure of the monastery

Metropolitan Vladimir of Pochaev made a statement about the possible capture of the Pochayiv Lavra, called on the faithful of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church to be ready to defend their Shrine, informs a portal “Orthodox Life”.


As recalled by the Abbot of the monastery, in different times of history Orthodox Christians “have to testify, to confess their faith and to defend their Holy sites”.

“Given the situation and the information we have available, and threats of retaliation, which is all spreading, it is evident that we have something to worry about. Therefore, we ask for your support in the first place prayer, moral and, apparently, will need your physical presence,” addressing the faithful, Metropolitan Volodymyr.

“Who cares about the Pochayiv Holy assumption monastery of our Orthodox Ukrainian churches, and not only Ukrainian, but the world of the Shrine, will be ready to protect her,” urges the hierarchy.

About when you may need the help and support of believers, Pochayiv Lavra will inform additionally, said Metropolitan Volodymyr.

“With regard to “Thomas”, be careful not to mislead us. Our Ukrainian Orthodox Church has the canonical status defined by the Tomos of 29 October 1990, Mother of the Church,” said the Lord Governor.

Politicians calling for autocephaly, Metropolitan Vladimir recalls: “the separation of Church and state, and you do what you have to do.”

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