The Governor Pochayiv Lavra: We’re not going anywhere from abode, this is our home

The Governor Pochayiv Lavra Metropolitan Vladimir of Pochaev

The brethren of the Holy Dormition Pochayiv Lavra will not leave the monastery, because I think it was their home and sanctuary, said Metropolitan Vladimir of Pochaev.

The Governor Pochayiv Lavra Metropolitan Vladimir of Pochaev recalled that the monks of the monastery – Orthodox Ukrainians, who are defending the purity of the Orthodox faith. He said this on 1 December, during the briefing, which was broadcast live by the TV channel “NewsOne”.

According to him, now everything is peaceful in the monastery, and the monastery lives on your regular routine, it can visit the pilgrims as always.

“However, the world doesn’t understand our way of life, says the Lord. – This time we allowed by God to survive, and we will try to survive with dignity. History will judge who was right and who was wrong.”

The Hierarch said that believers call the Pochaev Lavra and expressed concern due to the fact that the Cabinet passed the abode of the composition Kremenecko-Pochayiv state historic and architectural reserve.

The Governor commented on the information published number of TV channels, that “monks don’t collect bags”: “We do not intend to leave. This is our home. This is our sanctuary. We on this earth were born, went to Ukrainian school. Our parents are buried here. I have no home”.

“And for those who want to show their “heroism” I will say, it was necessary to show his heroism in the Soviet era, in 1980-e years” – he added.

“We talked and once again: we are Ukrainians, we have not arrived from another country. We are Orthodox and defend the purity of our Orthodox faith”, – concluded the Bishop.

As reported by PWC, informed the lawyer Kremenecko-Pochayiv state historic and architectural reserve Igor had already reported on the likely scenarios around the Pochaev monastery. According to him, Laurus will not convert into a Museum, but can provide the use of a Single Local Church.

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