The greatest joy

Masha and Dasha are sisters-twins. Every day, parents gave the girls a small sum of pocket money. Girls a year set aside from pocket money some of each in his piggy Bank. They wanted to accumulate more money for his birthday and buy a gift for yourself.

Before the birthday of Masha and Dasha was a week. Girls piggy Bank was full, and they decided to calculate how much money each.

— Masha, look, I have a thousand roubles has accumulated, — exclaimed Dasha and immediately asked. — How many do you have?

— I have the same — happy Mary.

The girls began to dream that they can buy for the money.

I’m gonna buy me a beautiful dress, ‘ said Mary.

And I want a fashionable handbag, — said Dasha.

But every day the dreams of girls were varied: they wanted the phone, then plated bracelet and a lot more. They could not determine what gifts they need.

One evening I called my grandmother, who lived in another city, and said that will not be able to come for granddaughters birthday. She became seriously ill dog, and all the money set aside for the trip, went for her treatment. Mom and the girls were upset.

The next day Masha with Dasha brought all of their accumulated money my mom sent them to grandma.

Girls, but then you can’t buy what you wanted.

— Nothing, mommy. We still have not decided what we need. Grandma will come, it will be our greatest joy and gift.

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