The head of the district state administration in Rivne region campaigning for the DNC

Another community of the UOC, local authorities want to transfer to the dissenters

The chief district official in the village of Zolochivka collects signatures for the transition community in ptsu after the meeting failed.

In the village of Zolochivka, Demidov district, Rivne region the head of regional administration is agitating the religious community of the village to change the jurisdiction, – the correspondent reports about it SPM. The head region 6 Feb secretly convened a meeting at the country club.

On arrival in the village of Zolochivka of the head of Demidov district administration Sergey Radchenko, the rector of the local Church Archpriest Sergey Mikhalchuk learned from a telephone conversation. The parishioner said that the February 6, convene a certain number of people in the club to talk about the transition to the PCU.

“Aroused great surprise at the appearance of me and my parishioners in the village club on the specified day, says father Sergei. – At first I didn’t even want to go on those fees, because I am convinced that Church Affairs should be resolved in the Church. However, my appearance is not only confused the head, but also helped my congregation not to get caught in the web of lies.”

At the meeting convened by the district head, there were very few representatives of the territorial community of the village. Radchenko, according to witnesses, his speech to the “chosen” started with active promotion of the idea of transition to the PCU, which was mainly based on allegations of anti-Ukrainian activities of the UOC and its accessories to Moscow.

“I also took the floor, after 17 years serving God and people in the village and have the right to tell them about his position, says Archpriest Sergey Mikhalchuk. – You trust me? Then let’s wait! No Local Church has not recognized the PCU, there were no representatives of local Churches and the enthronement of the new head of the DNC. A new Church, only five days, as legally registered in Ukraine. Let’s think and live right.”

After the speech of the Abbot of the congregation almost left the room, but the head of the district administration began to offer his father, Sergei, to head the transition of the community in PCU, and then gave statements, and initiated the collection of signatures in Zolochivka.

February 6, activists of the district head has started to collect signatures, however, they do so as in other villages, spreading false information.

“To me today in desperation called my parishioner, warrior ATO – says father Sergius, and says subscribed, because the activist told him that the priest, that is, I also goes to the DNC”.

Now the village situation is unstable, the head of the district administration managed to bring discord between people. On February 11 at the country club again call a meeting, which again, is expected to be headed by Sergey Radchenko.

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