The head of the Kovel district Council was personally involved in collecting signatures for ptsu

The head of the Kovel district Council Andrew was Broilo.

In Kovelska the district up to the present time preserved the public peace and interfaith peace, but now the situation may change dramatically.

In the villages of the Kovel district, Volyn region is looking for activists who will collect signatures in support of the new Ukrainian Church. As the press service of the Vladimir-Volyn diocese of the UOC, the organization of collection of signatures took up the head of the Kovel district Council Andrew was Broilo who have received appropriate instructions from above.

The diocese noted that the officer tries to enlist the support of the Pro-presidential initiatives of the Church among priests, village heads and the local intelligentsia. He began with his small homeland, the village Dorotyshche.

When Archpriest Igor Kostiuczyk, the priest of the Dormition Church of the village Dorotysche refused such cooperation, he Broilo ordered the head of the local village Council Nina a Looky to find “conscious” of the villagers who take the collection of signatures in favor of the DNC. The same search “very active and conscious” began in neighboring Hishyn

28 January, the Chairman of the regional Council called a meeting of priests of the UOC, rector of the Holy protection parish in the village of Zarichchia, father Joseph Virsto, the head of the village Council Tikotskogo Vitaliy Gritsyuk and Director school of I-II century village Hishyn Galina Gjøvik – the Deputy of Volyn regional Council. The theme of the meeting – organization of local religious communities in the submission to the PCU. However, none of the participants of the meeting the initiative not official support.

The priests appealed to the head of the village Dorotyshche NIN a Looky with the request to explain on what basis she is trying to interfere in the internal life of religious communities. A Looky referred to the instruction received from the head of the district, and was genuinely surprised when she was shown the law of Ukraine “About local government”, which clearly defines authority as the Chairman of the village Council, and Chairman of the district Council, which does not include the issues of organization of activities of religious communities.

As a result, Gorodischenskogo head of the village Council ordered to stop unlawful collection of signatures among local residents about the transition of the religious community to another jurisdiction.

It is known that at the moment in the villages of Sand, povors’k Kozlynychi and other searching wishing to campaign for a new Church and to collect the relevant signatures on the change of subordination of the parish.

As reported by the SPM, the believers of the Church of Agia Paraskevi of the village of Malyi pors’k Kovel district, despite the provocations of local deputies and representatives of the UOC-KP, remained faithful to the canonical UOC.

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