The head of the UAOC: speculation Filaret will not comment

The Hierarch Macarius, Maletić

The Hierarch Macarius, Maletić said that he refused to comment on speculation leader Filaret Denisenko on the structure of the Local Church in Ukraine.

Macarius, Maletić considers “madness” holding a unifying Council with no agreed name, Charter and model of a Local Church, reports “RBC-Ukraine”.

“Speculation of Patriarch Filaret and his requirements or the vision, I will not comment. And before you give their own suggestions, I like a man who with FILIAL obedience belongs to the Ecumenical Patriarchate, which went on confrontation with Moscow, will listen to the proposals of his Holiness (the Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew, – ed.)”, – said the head of the UAOC

He also stressed that he and Filaret today unofficially subordinated to the Ecumenical Patriarch.

According to him, the project Charter, the name and way of the Church must be agreed before the unification of the Cathedral, as is done, for example, political parties.

“In social life, when, for example, organize a party, there is always some sort of project Charter. But if the Charter is not, then who will go to the Cathedral?.. It’s crazy! Now we have nothing,” said Macarius.

At the same time he refused to call out his suggestions on these points.

As reported by PWC, informed the leader of the Kiev Patriarchy Philaret reiterated his intention to lead the UPPTS (the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church), if it is trusted by the unification Council. Commenting on the criteria that must be met by the applicant to the place of the Primate of the newly formed Church structures, Filaret said that he did not know who would be his rival in the election, and to sacrifice personal ambitions he is not ready.

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