The hero of “Superbook,” robic met with the most talented children of Ukraine

Eight years on the coast of the Black sea, Poland, Bulgaria and Turkey, and finally in the capital of Ukraine! More than three hundred talented children aged 3.5 to 16 years from different regions of Ukraine at the beginning of December, 2018 competed in front of celebrity judges, demonstrating choreographic and vocal numbers and designer clothes. To support the participants of the National festival of talent and grace “pearl of the country” came the hero of the animated series “Superbook” robot Robik.

“Initially it was just a festival of talents, and he was generally founded as a summer project for children, which we held in children’s camps,” tells the story of the Director of the National festival “pearl of the Country” and the head of the model school “Remo” Alexander Praskov.

The number of participants has grown, the festival has quickly become a significant event for creative children. Today, eight years later, he first turned on the big Ukrainian scene.

The team and participants of vocal and dance competitions for several hours out for each other on stage. Before a professional jury, which included producers, designers, founders of art projects and the winners of the talent show, was a difficult task to choose the best of the best in various categories.

“For children it is very important to get an expert evaluation from people who took place. They are half of the jury see on television in different TV projects and, of course, interesting to come to know them personally to be photographed,” says Alexander Praskov.

“It’s interesting to see what trends are, what ideas, to learn from each other”, — says the Head of the concert Department of “CBN-Ukraine”, member of the jury of the Festival Natalia Zhukovskaya.

Not yielding to the enthusiasm to your opponents, special attention is paid to the team from Zhitomir, where the dancers were children with physical disabilities and down syndrome. Professional talent guys for the first time, although previously they have participated in various events.

“We have an inclusive team, where kids with special needs and healthy children. During the year we learned with them four dance four performances, because we have not only dance, but also theater, — says the head of choreographic collective “Harmony” (Zhytomyr) Bogdan Cupcini. Mostly we have children with down syndrome, children with cerebral palsy and children from low-income families. These are children who never went to any clubs, they first came to us, and we try to help them to show their talents. They also want to be a star. When they come here and see a full house for them is a tremendous joy, because they can give a piece of their hearts to the audience, and the audience they in return can give the applause they need”.

“Thank God, we have reached the point that in children and adults lost anger (towards those who are different), — says Alexander Praskov. And here are the festivals, maybe also help the children all dance together, preparing, having fun, and they don’t have a “template” for such children”.

One of the talented “stars” wants to become a hairdresser or a doctor, someone- a professional dancer. What brought them here and how useful dance classes and work — said the participants of the “perlini of the country”.

“I danced, rehearsed it, and I really like this contest, I love awards,” says Vanya.

Participants in the Folk art ensemble of pop-sport dance “Stelz” Masha and Sophia does not hide that he came “to serve, to first place” and “to medal”. Their hopes were dashed! And about the dances themselves say that the classes “help to stretch, to do all sorts of cool tricks.”

“Physical development, communication with their peers, becoming more relaxed, more confident — it’s just a joy! — says Marina, mother of one of young participants. — Every time we rejoice, every time you are experiencing (when she’s on stage), and I’m really happy for her child that she participates in such activities!”
“Our God Is The Creator! And when children do work, they have growing inside the confidence and belief that they need someone that they are talented, and can realize their talents”, — explains the head of the concert Department of “CBN-Ukraine”Natalia Zhukovskaya.

The hero of “Superbook” robot Robik came to meet children and give gifts to the winners. The kids took pictures with him and asking the team “Superbook” about the cartoon.

“As we participate in this event, we would like to introduce our hero, a character that children could be photographed, we have prepared gifts for those who won,” — says Natalia Zhukovskaya.

“I watched all about Robik — when I was a child was. And I think that children is also very important to see these characters and get to know them personally”, — says Alexander Praskov.

From Robik is a special message to the children that each person is unique and has talents, and these talents he gives God. The hero of “Superbook” glad to meet new friends, and, of course, wanted every great achievements and victories!


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