The Hierarch of the UOC: Believers need to stay on the ship of the canonical Church

The mysterious image of our Holy Church, which the torturers and the heretics sometimes attack, but are unable to overcome It

Now for the ship, the UOC announced a storm warning, so we need to be prepared for the storm, warned Archbishop Theodosius.

One of the main rules for an Orthodox Christian is under no circumstances not to leave the saving ship of the true Church of Christ, conveyed the words of the vicar of the Kyiv metropolis Archbishop boyar Feodosia (Snigireva) education and enlightenment Department of the UOC.

“The Holy fathers compare the Orthodox Church with a ship sailing on the sea. The Lord also gave the promise that the gates of hell the Church will not prevail against this Church, the ship will reach the pier,” recalled Vladyka Theodosius.

He wrote what is now the congregation of the UOC announced a warning about the storm, but the storm yet. And added that to survive in such conditions is possible only by following some rules.

The main law for Orthodox Christians in the approaching time of spiritual storm – stay of my ship, because only in the Church can be saved.

“On Board the need to stay with all his strength, in all diligence. To wave not washed nor storm nor wind ripped off. Many had even tied himself to the mast so that, whatever happens, stay on the ship,” – said Archbishop Theodosius.

He called no passing “quasiconcave snags” not to be confused with saving the Ship, but also not be afraid of them, and to keep his Church. And to obey implicitly the captain.

“Our captain is his Beatitude, Metropolitan Onufry, the Hierarch of firm faith, religious integrity, a deep spiritual introspection. A man respected throughout the Orthodox world. A rock of a man, which is not to move,” continued the Hierarch of the UOC.

The Lord all the time “is on the alert and watching over His Church and every believer”, said the Hierarch of the UOC.

“When He wants to, it will say only one word – and the storm blows over,” believes the Eminence.

The Archbishop added that the Orthodox man must protect his Church, as did believers in the days of the Soviet persecution of the Orthodox Church.

Hierarch of UOC-MP stressed that for the cessation of the storm and weather it is very important to everyone to be more attentive to the life of his soul.

“What does that mean? Spend more time in worship, more and more attentive to pray, to pray deeper, to delve deeper into the word of the gospel, which we read, and often read it. To read the works of the Holy fathers of the Orthodox Church. Often to confession often and receive Holy communion, because in this way we become one and unified Body of Christ,” concluded the Hierarch of the UOC Archbishop Theodosius.

Earlier, the Primate of the UOC his Beatitude Metropolitan of Kyiv and all Ukraine, he shared his belief that the Church of Christ will be indestructible forever, despite all allowed the test.

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