“The Hierarch” of the UOC-KP called the date of receipt of Tomos

“Metropolitan” of the UOC-KP Michael Zinkevich

“Metropolitan” of the UOC-KP Michael Zinkevich believes that the delegation of the Patriarchate of Constantinople will arrive on 13 December and will bring Tomos.

“The Bishop” connects this date with the day of remembrance of the Apostle Andrew, when representatives Fanara, in his opinion, come to the first service in St. Andrew’s Church, tells volyn24.com.

On that date, “all should be completed,” he said.

“Receiving Thomas, his presentation of the Ukraine, the arrival of delegations of the Ecumenical Patriarchate … I’m thinking logically. The Verkhovna Rada adopted the decision to transfer St. Andrew’s Church compound under the Ecumenical Patriarch. The Ecumenical Patriarch, in addition to the question of autocephaly, which they decided the question of lifting of the anathema of Patriarch Filaret and the recognition by all the bishops of the Kyivan Patriarchate Autocephalous Church who is in Sana’a, took the decision to open its mission in Ukraine. In fact, he thus showed that the territory of Ukraine – this is his territory, which he is doing,” says Michael Zinkevich.

Therefore, he said, “the opening of this monastery gives us reason to speculate that if the Verkhovna Rada adopted the decision on opening of a representation, we know that on 13 December we have a feast of St. Andrew. The Church was given the documents, I think, has drawn up remains to be out there.”

“And they may serve the service, not bringing us Tomos? Because it is one of the solutions –Tomos and Orthodox Cathedral of the Church of Constantinople on the territory of Ukraine. So I think that until the 13th. They will draw and Tomos, and will attend the opening of the temple”, – told the “Bishop”.

As reported by PWC, informed the representative of the Ecumenical Patriarchate at the world Council of Churches, Archbishop Teleski job (Hecha) stated that all bishops in Ukraine, de facto according to the decision of the Synod are bishops of the Ecumenical throne, and now they have to wait for the directives of the Ecumenical Patriarchate concerning its further operation and he will inform his subordinates when deemed necessary. Patriarch Bartholomew will convene the unification Council in Ukraine when it “considers that the time has come,” he explained.


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