The Hierarch of the UOC: the Purpose Fanara to create subordinate autocephaly

Archbishop Theodosius Boyar

In Ukraine there are already Local Church is the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, said Archbishop Theodosius.

The Patriarchate of Constantinople aims to create autocephaly, which he obeyed. This view was expressed by the Archbishop Theodosius boyar in the program “the Right faith”.

“There is an opinion, I think it is wrong that Patriarch Bartholomew wants to create in Ukraine the Exarchate, in his direct supervision, even some financial interest. I think it’s a very primitive view”, – said the Hierarch.

According to the Archbishop Theodosius, Constantinople Patriarchate over the past decade went to another level.

“Constantinople creates dependent itself Autocephalous Church, – said the Hierarch. – Churches are called Autocephalous, but that is very much dependent on the Constantinople throne. Most of the Churches of the Greek world has such an addiction. In our case, is created the same.”

His Eminence highlighted that the structure that is created by Fanara and will be called Autocephalous, will not be a Church of the Ukrainian people.

“The Church of the Ukrainian people already there. The largest, the strongest, unifying the whole country. UOC includes 12 600 religious organizations (parish communities), the monasteries, in which 5,000 monks. This is truly a global Church of Ukraine”, – said the Hierarch.

As reported by PWC, informed the Metropolitan of Cherkassy and Kanev Sofroniy said: from the Charter of the DNC, it follows that Constantinople formed in Ukraine is fully under control of the Greek Church.

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