The Hierarch of the UOC told why the persecution is good for the soul Christian

Metropolitan Anthony (Pakanych), Manager of UOC

If the life of ascetics began to flow without internal or external oppression, they began to worry, have not forgotten their God, told managing the Affairs of the UOC.

So there was life after the fall that the conditions for Holiness are formed only through the inner distress, reminded the Manager of the UOC-MP Metropolitan Anthony (Pakanych) in the program “Church and society”.

“People in comfort to escape almost can’t. This, again, is due to the fact that sin is overcome only when a person realizes the severity of sin. And the consequence of sin and that is the sorrow, disease and death itself. And so overcome it’s only through Holiness, and through it the Christian attitude to the fact that the Lord sends us,” explained the Metropolitan.

He noted that every Christian is his desire to live as Christians defy the world, which is “the word of the Holy Scripture “lies in evil””.

“This world does not tolerate Holiness, and he will be willing to destroy a Christian as a follower of Christ the Savior,” – said Metropolitan Anthony.

Manager of UOC noticed that the persecutions are not only external, sometimes a person is suffering from some inner distress.

“During the persecution have to do anything to confirm the faith and not to betray Christ the Savior and the Holy Church,” – said the Hierarch of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

Metropolitan Anthony stressed that everyone should give all of himself to the will of God.

“The lack of persecution is a special cross, in this period there was a great theological works,” – said Bishop Anthony.

During those periods when the Church is persecuted, need all the strength and talents to preach the word of Truth, he concluded.

Previously the Manager of the UOC-MP said that thanks to the trials the Church has received the chance to become stronger. “Good always triumphs over evil and love will prevail. All this will certainly happen. Only such a victory should occur first in our hearts, when we are in defense of Truth, rejecting the lies and darkness”, he added then.

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