The hierarchs of the UOC in the USA (a branch of Fanara) surprised that Tomos was given so quickly

Meeting Petro Poroshenko with the delegation of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in USA

During the meeting with President Poroshenko, the head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the USA said: no one expected Tomos will give so fast.

Anapolsky Metropolitan Anthony stressed the primacy of Poroshenko in the process of getting Thomas PCU. He said this during a meeting with the head of the Ukrainian state in Kiev, the press service of the President.

Poroshenko stressed that the decision on the granting of autocephaly demanded that Patriarch Bartholomew’s “great love for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people” and “the courage that many people in Russia just did not expect”.

Members of the delegation of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the United States Anapolsky Metropolitan Anthony and Archbishop Pamphylian Daniel was surprised to the rapid process of granting of the Tomos Ukraine.

“We believed, but didn’t expect it so soon. But, Thank God that you stood and took the championship in this process since April of last year with a visit to Constantinople. This incredible and important event in the history of the Ukrainian nation. It seemed that it was impossible. You talked about how majestic the leader of the nation, and entered into human history as the man who brought Ukraine Tomos. We were waiting for such leadership for many years, much more than you,” said Metropolitan Anthony Yurpolsky.

As reported by PWC, informed the analyst Elena Dyachenko said that any violation of the terms of a secret agreement between Poroshenko and Fanara can cause the revocation of the Tomos. She also suggested that the President of the Tomos of autocephaly of the ptsu does not give electoral effect, but only divide the society on religious preferences. After all, ptsu, received Tomos, about half of the largest denominations – the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.


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