The historical society of enlightenment “double-Headed eagle” will hold the II all-Russian meeting

5 November 2018 will host the second national General meeting of the Society of Russian historical education, “double-Headed eagle”. The event will be attended by delegates from 53 regional and 5 local offices “of the eagle”, the representatives of the authorities and of a number of public associations.

During the Meeting expected to determine the main directions of the activities, discuss the activities of the Companies in the regions and priority areas for further development. At the national meeting of the Society will also summarize the work of the organization in 2018 on current trends.

During the national Assembly of the all-Russian Society of Russian historical education, “double-Headed eagle” is expected to develop new methods of restoration works in Russia historical memory and historical consciousness 1000 years of Russian civilization.


Date and time: November 5, 2018, the Meeting starts at 10.30; Moscow oblast. Serpukhov district, der. Spas-Teshilovo, 3, hotel Constantinople

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