The history of the former sorcerer

Unusual ability was discovered the boy at a young age. He communicated with the dead, read minds, predicted the future. Talked to the devil himself. He was promised a life in chocolate… But our hero chose a different path…

I was born in 1953 and was the fourth child in the family. Ten years in I began having strange things happen: I started to be dead people, relatives or celebrities, and talk about how the future of our race and country. Said was true. Of course, I got scared and turned to my mother, and she, as it turned out, was the type of Vanga. Only in the Soviet Union, unlike Bulgaria, all occult practices were banned. Mother said to me, “you Have a gift to communicate with the dead, but don’t let anybody know, and that will be a big problem.”

However, the mother decided something to teach me. One day we were digging potatoes in the garden, and high up in the sky there were cranes. Mother asked: “if you Want, we have them in the garden?” and told things to do and say certain words. I did and said how she taught, and suddenly there was a whirlwind that began cranes spinning in a corkscrew and pull to the earth. They cried out, fell down feathers. I told my mother that they could die, and I don’t want to. She uttered some words, tornado disappeared, and the cranes then had regained its wedge. The mother said, “If you’re going to use it, you will have to pay”. I said, “What?” She said, “Be a servant to these forces and will carry out their will.” When I was 15, and I didn’t want anyone to serve, and therefore decided not to do.

After the army I began working as a taxi driver in Moscow, and then conductor on the railroad. Bred money, got married, had a daughter. One day I was driving on the shore of lake Baikal to China. Was completely sober, with a partner. I lie at night and look out the window at the moon. Suddenly I see the moon thing coming towards me something black. I thought at first that some kind of bird. Suddenly in front of me in the compartment there is a black man, and his circuit is fire (as happens in a solar Eclipse). I wanted to call his partner, but couldn’t. Wanted to get up and also could not. And this black man came up to me, sat down and began to pet me on the head. And suddenly I was in another world, on the beach, but for some reason in the body of a small child about three years old, and inside for adult. At first, I was walking along the beach, and then some force grabbed me and I began to fly over the sea, which reflects the large Orthodox Church. Then it was gone, and I was back in the car. But I had a condition as if all this time I was held under water, I could barely breath. He began to tell partner, and he looked up and said, “This is “proteins””. The next day I discovered that to hear the thoughts and know the future. With this gift I would have domineered over the people, I became afraid and called a magician and magician, and, of course, with such opportunities, I completely insolent. And I suffered, as they say, on the road. I lost my job, broke family, fled friends, I am sabonjian, wanted to commit suicide. But it was the daughter I loved, and for her sake decided to continue to live.

In September 1986 I had a vision like I was in Central Asia, in a cotton field, where the Uzbeks. Suddenly above me the thunder. I raised my head and see the sky, as if on the ice floe was a crack and began to open up. And I saw another sky, and bright light. Came down to me a middle-aged woman in the black robes and said that in Central Asia would start the bad times and there will be many casualties. The circumstances were such that a week later I was in the Fergana and saw cotton fields, as in the vision, and Uzbeks. The temperature was +25 – +27°C. I told the elders about his vision. That night the temperature plummeted, the snow fell, broke trees, destroyed the cotton and vineyards. I got scared and thought that now would kill me. But the next day I through the snow snuck elders with Mullah Kumarakom. He said that I can not touch that sent me Allah, so I warned them that it was God punishing them for the cotton case. What matters, he said; I later learned. After that I became the type of the prophet.

Was another interesting case where we Kumarakom was sent the same vision with the only difference that I was talking with the deceased shortly before this a man, and Kamerbeek saw instead of Shaytan, i.e. Satan, who grabbed me and tried to raise up. Kamerbeek took a stone and threw it at him, he let me go and I fell. Kamerbeek said his Allah was sent to me from death to save. To me this story is very interested. In 1987, I returned to Russia and began looking for this Satan. Asked mother, she said, “It is the force about which I told you, but otherwise you’re on your own”.

In 1991 in the Kremlin Palace of congresses held a evangelistic program of Mark Finley. Making friends with the translator, I told him my story. He explained that I kind of wizards, so all this happens with me. Showed me in the Bible in the 28th Chapter of the First book of Samuel, the story of the Israeli king Saul, who went to the witch to summon the dead prophet Samuel. Igor explained what happened to the king, not a prophet, and Satan in the image of the prophet. Then I asked: “What do I do?” And he said: “as soon As you will be some dead, say: “I Order you in the name of Jesus Christ: go away, evil spirits!” and see what happens.”

After a week came to me my dead father, and I said as advised Igor. “Father” immediately turned into a beautiful woman and disappeared. And then I realized that Jesus Christ is more important and stronger than Satan, His blood cleanses us from all sin. I told mother about it, but she didn’t believe me and after some time died under strange circumstances. After her death to me was Satan in the form of mother. I began to pray, and he said, “Wait, we need to talk”. And showed me the stack of papers. This, according to him, was signed with it the contract of the great people of this world. “If you’ll sign, and you with them will rule, but have to sign with blood.” And I said, “not a good deal. Yes, in this world, you I want a life in chocolate, and eternity to me then to be seen. Eternal life is in the hands of Jesus Christ, and you don’t have one”. He grit his teeth and said, “I’m more satisfied.” But I said, “Christ is stronger than you and will not give me you.”

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