The hit-parade of enemies of Orthodoxy – 4 of the current leader of the summer

Summer is a time of the loudest “soul-saving” fights on the Internet. Over the endless bustle – from work to work, cooking, Laundry, children’s clubs, snot, cough, rotavirus, hospitals, dissatisfaction of wives by husbands and Vice versa, again work. It’s the holidays. And now, escaping from this endless circle, beaches and country gardens you can finally safely erect eyes and think about the most important – about the future of Orthodoxy.

  • If I offended you in the temple
  • Here we pray and give birth
  • To breastfeed during the service? Yes, health!
  • That opened the world Cup on our manners
  • About the foot net, the mustache of hope and Church nerds

Breasts as the subject of influence

The second summer in a row hotly discussed women’s breast-feeding as a subject of influence on the spiritual life of our Church in General, and of each individual member in particular.

You can feed outside the house, or better to Express? Or even better all the years of feeding bezvylazno sit at home and not worry about saving the soul of the citizens? What clothes to feed? Whether the Breasts at this point, a meal or a sex object? Seen it or not? What exactly is seen and what angle? Who sees it – the Horny pervert or a chaste Christian?

Breast pump – it is the Orthodox or is this something Jesuit?

What they say about feeding the Holy fathers, and how to interpret the icon “nursing the child”?..

And so on to infinity. Some chest this protect, others curse. Some argue the child’s right to be fed whenever and wherever. Others believe that there is nothing to give birth, if you can not observe the mode of feeding and you have it in the Church and asks to eat…


FIFA world Cup and the liberal stuff

On the heels of the female breast in the list of leaders of the Orthodox loud the entire first half of the summer was the world Cup.

Is it possible for Orthodox people to play football or is it all the devilish machinations? Whether to rejoice in the victories of our or rejoice in principle can only be for Easter?

Have you seen any of our women to foreign fans to lust or they were only interested in the game? If we are born after nine months solid and then there were none or zaslantsy Catholic Europe see the light and accept Christianity? Is it possible to believe in God and cheer for the team or is it all the liberal stuff designed to destroy the Church from within?

Photo: Yefim, Richman

In the end, the Orthodox community was split into two irreconcilable camps. We are all each other’s cursed, anathematized, and contentedly he went on to live a spiritual life…

Hat as the cause of the Church’s troubles

One of the leading places in a hit-parade of enemies of Orthodoxy took the woman’s hat.

The author of the post said that once, going to Church in a hat, she tried to put candles before the icons and they kept falling down. Not icons – candles. It puts, as they fall, puts – fall.

“And then I realize: hat”. The woman swore henceforth in the temple wear only the headscarf, and the candles then stood rooted to the spot.

The result of reflection – the cause of the revolution in the early twentieth century and the end of Empire lies in the fact that fashionable ladies all like one worn on the service hat.


“No scarf, no hat, no hood, and only a handkerchief, agree commentators. – Because Holy.”

“Not just a handkerchief, and the ends of which fall on the chest”, – develops the theme.

Voices that say, put the candle and handkerchief, and hat, and beret, and they fell. And that is a very old and pious parishioners pray even in winter hats and nothing…

“And don’t argue – was foiled this reel. – We are at war”.

In General, the caps cannot be put prostrations.

The leader of the hit parade: women’s pants

First place in the Orthodox hit parade the first year (not afraid of the word – not the first decade) took the theme of women’s trousers. The years go by, and the pants are wide, deep and multifaceted.

Part of the Orthodox community usually sees in women’s pants root cause of the coming of the Antichrist and lamenting that the Patriarch urged not to expel from the temple “obrechennyh” women. For now, certainly all is lost.


“God the prayer of the women pants can’t hear” — say dedicated. And He will hear it, if during prostrations covered to cod the priests climb in the eyes of the pious public and distract from the thoughts of the eternal.

Those who are cold under skirts offer to wear the fleece pants, and if still cold — two pairs.

“And blouses that encompasses the chest, should not be” — we read in the discussions. Further, the issue of what is humane to amputate a Charmer Breasts or to pull out peeping eyes that were not staring where they shouldn’t.

And then, by logical reasoning, I come to the conclusion that men, oddly enough, is also not bestobie, pants and them during prostrations is also cracking. And that in the time of Christ, the stronger sex the pants also did not wear (unless some wild breeders), civilized people of his pants didn’t and wore a variety of tunics and chitons. So that male temple garderobchik should reconsider. In General, a revolution is brewing.

And again, all split. Some swore all of his pants to burn, others to wear fundamentally. Others freaked out and deleted their accounts from Facebook forever, because I got tired.

The girl in jeans and love to God

But seriously… Over it all, over others, over themselves you can make fun, laugh, sad, think. All this can be discussed. It is possible to argue…

Elena Kucherenko

Whether skirts, scarves, hats such pillars of faith or a tradition and nothing more? Whom they need more – us or Christ and Him if he needs it at all? Kicked Christ out of the temple with a whip woman with lipstick on or not? Where piety ends and hypocrisy begins? In any form, in the end, it is better to go to Church, not to be a stumbling block to others?

All this said a thousand times and spoke and had a long time to get bored. But as it turns out – no.

Personally, I like scarves and long dresses. It is good and right. I, in principle, not very comfortable feel in the pants, except in the country in sweat pants. But it doesn’t matter.

In connection with these discussions, I just wanted to tell you two stories.

One I heard from a friend of the priest. His wife, before marriage, has long lived in the monastery as trudnica or novices. Once in the service of this monastery came the girl in a completely inappropriate way, and one old nun kicked her out.

And that night the nun, the dreaming. Comes to her mother and says, “I’m the girl here was, and you for a few minutes messed up.”

And second… it Was five years ago, but I well remember.

I sat then in the Church courtyard on a bench. Come two girls. It is clear that not churched. In jeans. One immediately he went to Church, and the other costs and cannot be solved. Her first calling, but she refuses. “I can’t, — he says — in jeans I. It’s the temple!” And not like Church people, and so much of reverence was in these words, you have no idea.

And then Granny – God dandelion. With all the Orthodox attributes.

“Oh, so-and-so! — yells. — In the temple — in his pants! The elders say, and you… you Gored a mosquito!”…

And then the priest one our:

“Grandma! What you swear so ugly! Shout here! Here is Christ, after all! The girl in jeans, and in her love for God more than you”…

Smiled at the girl and led her to the porch…

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