The Holy foolishness of kindness

On the day of the Intercession of the Theotokos Archimandrite Savva (Maruko) thinking about why in Russia this holiday is so revered.

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Archimandrite Savva (Maruko)

I was told a story that happened in our time in front of millions of viewers. It was news Egyptian television live. Popular TV presenter led a normal news program and routinely reported about the murder of Christians in one of the remote villages. This is so often the case, that has ceased to be a sensation. Therefore acted according to the classical scheme: to read the text to contact the reporter on location to briefly interview the witnesses. But this time, the journalists managed to bring to the chamber the mother of the murdered Christian youth, and in a typical story appeared sharpness! The woman was only a few seconds to speak in the air, and she was saying:

Today I killed my son! The one who did it – somewhere nearby, and maybe even hears me this minute. I want to say to him: son! I know how hard this is for you, what heart you do, and I want you to know that I forgive you.

How would you feel if you were in that moment in front of the screen? Other words, expected audience, and even the host was not ready to such turn: a grown man, an experienced journalist, he started crying in front of the camera, lamenting: “What kind of people are these Christians? How have so much kindness?”

When we testify to our faith, it is beautiful and dignified.

When our faith is evidenced by people external testimony finds unprecedented weight.

Islamic journalist was struck by this unearthly kindness, and charity, which is impossible and unnatural for an ordinary earthly woman, and only Christians, true disciples of Christ, able to carry such crushing evidence.

We are surrounded by such a cloud of words, ideas, images, that sometimes can’t get through it, to understand, for whom to go. At such times we need a witness to authentic Christianity, the apostles of kindness and forgiveness. And if there are no living witnesses, we have the Cross on which the crucified One, Who for the love of people shed Their blood.

Christ died on the Cross not only for the sake of future apostles, saints and seers, the glory of the Church. He gave Himself to death for those who condemned Him to death, who spit in his face and with child care has picked up the most prickly thorns wreath for the Convict. The mercy of God for all! This is the way of true Christianity which following Christ are His disciples.

The Queen of Heaven – the first Apostle of Kindness, and every Christian feels It very clear Apostolic witness. Maybe that’s why in Russia so revered this strange, we ourselves do not understand the feast – the Intercession of the virgin.

– Do we so cherish the memory of distant and semi-mythical deliverance of Constantinople from the onslaught of invaders?

– Not at all! We to the military history of the middle ages!

– Are we so revere St Andrew’s every year to remember his vision?

– What are you! We have more honor names!

So what’s the deal? I think the way of Intercession is the greatest revelation, the icon, which is without words, the sacred language of art speaks more than any words are the right ones. And this preaching comes to the most secret depths of the heart. Look at the icon.

Here the deacon stands at the ambo of the Church of Greece.

Here the Emperor and his court knelt in prayer before the altar.

That fool shows the boy that in this moment there is in the Heavenly Church: Queen of Angels spreads Its cover over all the praying.

– Why, of all history, our ancestors remembered only the word “cover”?

Because it goes over all!

In those days, virtually all citizens of the Empire were members of the Church, was not the secular people. Tell all of these people were worthy, righteous and pious? No one cheated on their wives, not beat children, did not take bribes, abused the weak, not the last taken from widows and orphans? The memory of Orthodox Byzantium full horror of iniquity, and the Royal court cruelty could compete with the den of robbers, and to this day in the temple was not only the righteous.

The Queen of Heaven spreads her veil over all. It was possible to collect only the blameless and the ascetics, it would be logical to stand up for the people of the saints or, at least, decent. Mother of God pities all and good wishes to everyone, even if he is the last villain.

Will there be a brave artist who will complement the icon of the Cover with figures of Pilate, Judas, the Roman Jewish mockers and tormentors, in which I believe and know! – truly motherly sick heart of the Queen of Heaven? But this is the boundless limit of kindness, which calls us by the gospel.

Our lady – the first Apostle of kindness, the first witness of mercy! Therefore not by chance that the silhouette of the virgin extends Its cover over the people, resembles a Cross. Loyalty to Christ is loyalty to the path of kindness and mercy to every person. Faithfulness to death.

– No, it’s cannot fit! Some unheard-of foolishness and madness! How can you not only forgive the killers of his son, but also from the heart to wish them well, sincerely sympathize with their loss?

But this is the doctrine of Christ. Christians have no right to hate. So the very simple version of the Christian Ministry, multiply goodness in the world, and if you can’t, at least not multiply evil on the earth, yearning for kindness and tenderness.

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